iOS 8 code contains hints of possible 828 x 1472 resolution on iPhone 6


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Apple is reportedly targeting September 9 for its next iPhone unveiling. While rumors of a larger 4.7-inch display seem likely, one major unanswered question is whether the company will bump up the resolution as well. New details unearthed in the...

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Online polls show that 46% of users see priority in improving battery life, while only 17% want a bigger screen. I've been an iPhone user for the last 3 years, currently using iPhone 5, and surely as hell don't want a bigger phone, only better battery. This sentiment is shared among most iPhone users.

Looking forward to the September's update of iPhone. So far all the leaks showed something that looked quite terrible, not like an Apple product. Can't wait to see those rumours die.


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I think screen resolution is over rated these days. I have an old Galaxy Note1. Just updated it. Screen was clear as can be. Now, the screen was starting to show some ghosting, when the screen was solid white, as the OLED's I guess were dimming due to age. The updated device I have now, a Huawei Ascend Mate2, has "only" a 720p screen, but it's crystal clear and the text looks great. I guess if you hold it right up to your nose, you might see the edges of the text. A 720p screen, on a 6.1" device, for my use is fantastic, and with the lower PPI, the video driver & SOC (snapdragon 400) doesn't have to struggle to run the display.
Sometimes I think specs are over rated. Benchmarks...who cares unless you want bragging rights. In day to day operation, unless you are big into games, lots of movies, for day to day use, the midrange devices have more bang for the buck.


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They probably will have a weird aspect ratio to go with that resolution that won't work well with anything but with Apples Isheep it will. "The new Iphone 6 with an upgraded 4:11 aspect ratio"


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So it seems that iPhones cannot take advantage of the increased resolution, and it needs to be coded in gen1 non-retina standards. That's an interesting choice.
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