Iowa hired a cybersecurity firm to do penetration testing, then arrested its workers

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You do realize that Iowa is ranked in the top 10 for education institutions across the country right?

On point of the topic, they should have reported the incident; not set off an alarm costing tax payers money to falsify an emergency to prove a point. Heck if you pull an alarm and someone is injured because of it in California you serve 3 years in a state prison. But yeah, going directly to a felony is a bit much.
The article says that the Coalfire employees set off the alarm "to test law enforcement response, which was part of the job."

Calling in a non-emergency would not be an effective test of the response times.

Sid Vicious

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After reading the article, and the comments, I see a lot of “assumptions” thrown around. You guys are commenting with only one source, and it states in there some ambiguity around the contract.
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James Hall

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Wow! People are really going to reconsider a career in cyber security if they have to worry that it might lead to having to undergo a body cavity search.