iPhone 4 complaints get louder, Apple censors discussions

By Jos ยท 32 replies
Jul 13, 2010
  1. This event has shown why it is never a good idea to be an early adopter of a new gadget. Wait a few months before all the bugs are addressed.
  2. captaincranky

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    Yes, and with two antenna gaps, one for each hand.......
  3. Here's another upcoming problem - glass shattering. My phone was in the cell phone pocket of my purse when I left work. When got home I took it out to find that the glass on the back was completely shattered. Shards of glass even fell out. I'd had it for 5 whole days! I took it to a local AT&T store and was basically told "oh that's too bad - not our problem". It will coast 200.00 to fix the glass or 600.00 to buy a new phone. WTF!? So I drove another 45 miles to the nearest Apple store and got the same response from the a supervisor. This is my first iPhone and I was broken hearted. Is this what a "600.00" dollar phone does?? Apple and AT&T are both going to screw themselves if they don't pony up on their customer service!!! Do what's right!! As much as i love it, I sure the hell won't buy another one.
  4. While my iPhone 4 suffers from the signal pro lens as well, I've noticed other issues. The proximity sensor seems to be too sensitive or improperly located. When talking on the phone in my right hand as suggested to over come the signal problem, if you do not keep the phone pressed to your head with some pressure the proximity sensor suggest your not holding the phone to your head and re activates the skin and then your face starts setting off all kind of havoc on the screen. Usually hanging me up, muting or activating face time. I also get warning about my device has overheated and must cool down before use. This occurs sitting on my desk in a 73 degree controlled climate. Who know. I for one think they should halt current production, repair the problems that were obviously overlooked then send out replacement (corrected) iPhone 4 on their dime to all of us who bought one
  5. LinkedKube

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    If your computer went from 4ghz at start up to 400mhz when you started using it would you still use it. Sounds like a common fanboy to me.
  6. captaincranky

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    Perhaps Apple might consider dumbing down the iPhone 4 ads, (yes, even more).

    Something like....."Oooooo Shiny......".

    I'm sure it would still appeal to the ***** pool, er whoops, I mean "fan base".
  7. red1776

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    "shiny, and can be held with only two fingers.....No really! only hold them with twp fingers!
  8. captaincranky

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    Red, this is Madison Avenue we're talking. You know, the land where fact and fantasy are mutually exclusive. The only finger that need be discussed is the one all iPhone owners should be holding up to show their "solidarity" with the views and opinions of Mr Jobs.

    OK, if you insist, the proper way to hold an iPhone is this; grasp the phone between the index and the ring finger. This leaves the middle finger pointed in an upright and locked position. Have someone take a photo of this; 1, for future reference, so you'll know how to hold the iPhone 5 and won't have to be retrained, and 2; you'll always have you middle finger, "locked and loaded", so to speak, ever at the ready to be brought into play, in the inevitable brush with Apple customer service.
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