iPhone 5 breaks preorder record as new rumor teases Galaxy S4 launch

By Jos ยท 26 replies
Sep 17, 2012
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  1. I have 99 problems sons, but consumers buying their favorite product ain't one.
  2. "I don't mind Apple products but still. The terrible logic that said fans have, I'm wanting to hide my head in shame. Knowing such people exist is making me scared. Also yes I'm a "Microsofter" simply because I use Win7. I could add more pointless notes about myself but, I don't wish to to hear sheep sounds in return."

    If I may ask all you Samsung Galaxy worshippers one thing: Why do you always assume that every person that buys an iPhone, does so either because of lack of consideration or because they're just "Apple fanboys"? I for one dislike Apple, and their silly marketing that indeed seems to attract masses of mindless "fanboys", and YET, now that I'm presented with the choice of a new smartphone I decided to go with the iPhone 5 after a good time of consideration.
    I pity all those talking about "iSheep" while they don't realize that this mentality also works exactly the opposite way. (negative bias)

    To get to the actual facts, despite having obviously lower specs the iPhone may still match or even succeed it's competitors in performance. Many people overlook the fact that while Android and Windows 8 are rather "universally made" so to say, the iPhone's iOS is tailored specifically to it's hardware. I've also heard reports of very good build quality of the iPhone: Another thing you can't just include in the specifications.
    Other things are mostly a matter of preference though, the looks of the iPhone, iOS and it's App Base are all just more appealing to me.

    Overall I would say it's the simple and unifying design of appearances and software/hardware systems against customizability and generally more liberal approach to all mentioned aspects again, just like what we're used to on the PC market. While on a PC I undoubtedly prefer the latter mentality of design and hate Apple's computer systems with a passion, I must say, for me, this simply doesn't apply to smartphones. I like Apple's approach better and I feel sorry for those that are influenced in their decision by their negative bias.

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