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By Steve Gunn ยท 5 replies
Mar 27, 2008
  1. Well, today I went to go and turn on my iPhone and all I got on the screen was the "Plug iPhone into iTunes" screen. And then when I went to go and refurbish it using ZiPhone. It started to get this weird black screen and then this started to come up over and over "BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0" It just kept coming up and filling the screen.

    Now I'm stuck with an iPhone that I can't refurbish nor can iTunes read it.

  2. Tmagic650

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    Take it to a service center and have it repaired or replaced
  3. Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 92

    Yea but the problem is it's hacked so...they won't replace it...
  4. Rick

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    Yes, they will replace it even if it is hacked. You don't need to say anything. :) And Apple will do it anyway, because their return service is just short of fantastic (from my experiences).

    You don't have to do this though. The iPhone is hard to break... If you hose it - recovery mode works regardless. And yes - this will delete everything on your iPhone.
    • Turn your iPhone on
    • While it is on, hold the lock (button on the top) and home (button on the lower front) buttons down.
    • Continue holding both buttons until the screen goes black (just a few seconds after the apple logo appears)
    • Let go of the top button. Continue holding the Home button for several seconds.
    • Plug your iPhone into your computer.
    • iTunes will detect your phone in 'Restore mode'
    • Recover your phone using the latest firmware. If you want to use older firmware (1.1.4 works just fine with Ziphone, BTW), hold the shift key as you click on firmware update button and you can browse for a firmware file (You will have to download an older firmware manually to load onto your iPhone using this method).

    I hope that helps.

    Also, hopefully you synced your phone recently with iTunes. If that is the case, once the firmware update has been applied and your phone is up and running again, iTunes will upload your stuff to it again (Address book, notes, calendar, bookmarks etc..).
  5. ronnyron99

    ronnyron99 TS Rookie

    you is right rick, my uncle got a hacked IPhone and it did the same thing and he did a recover and was able to restore but he could have taken it to the service center and they still would have replaced it, but i heard they are getting stiffer with hacked phones now.
  6. crantree

    crantree TS Rookie

    From what I understand apple isn't concerned as much with hacked phones as they are with completly unlocked phones. You should be fine taking it to the service center.
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