IPL (Initial Program Load) now called BOOT problems

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Oct 28, 2009
  1. Have new system which gave me a hell of a time in getting an OS installed (XP). Finally got it although not without having to skip 2 or 3 files during install procedure. Seem to relate to WMPLAYER. CHM and two others likely related to the media player. Now my new problem lies in the IPL or BOOT process. The system will not properly BOOT on the 1st try. It will automatically restart and begin the procedure all over again. Will see the info regarding USB keyboard, RAM, etc. (it goes so damn fast I can't really read it all!). Eventually (perhaps after 2 or 3 more tries) I will see the Windows BOOT option screen (Safe mode, normal, etc.). I generally try either the Safe mode or Start normally option. These do not always work on the first try - nor perhaps the second either. So, its sitting here listening to my hand held scanner beep when initially recognized, seeing the MSI logo screen, and the system info that is normally shown at the beginning, over and over until this thing finally decides to proceed to the Windows load. Might be six or seven tries before it gets it right. May have to contact MSI technical support and see where they go with this. Am hoping they do not want me to do a BIOS FLASH!!! Am eventually going to Windows 7 and hope this issue does not carry over into that OS (although it is likely not an OS issue). Anyone else have or heard of a similar problem?? THANX! Must mention also that I get the black screen with the rectangular red and white box indicating 'NO INPUT SIGNAL' between each attempt. Is brand new graphics card and have used the drivers CD supplied. Will try mfg. web site for possible new drivers.
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    errmm your install is faulty and needs redoing, i would check the disk for quality and do a test on your RAM as well.
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    yep, get memtest86 to test memory, furmark is also good for testing vram. Good luck! That looks a mess.
  4. Boppa

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    IPL problems

    To 'IDidItMyC600'. Agreed, the install was faulty but after numerous attempts it was the only one that really completed. Have also run the Windows XP SP2 CD and now had the update to Windows XP SP3. This was brand new HD and RAM although anything is possible. Will likely not continue to beat my head against the wall on this as the system does run. Am going to go on with things the way they are and in a short time go with Windows 7. Will see what goes down then!!! THANX!!!
  5. Boppa

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    IPL problems

    To 'AntiMoronic': You wouldn't be pulling my leg would you?? Find no results in a search for either 'memtest86' nor 'furmark'. Where did you come up with these 2 goodies?? THANX!!
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