Iran blocks Google due to video controversy, readies own Internet


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The fact that someone chooses to get offended and riot and then kill people is their problem, not ours.
The worse thing that could happen to us is religious censorship.
Anyone can believe in anything their numbers doe not give them any protection, by giving religion protection you automatically give protection to any made up religion or cult.
believing in spaghetti monster is equal to believing in Muhammad or Jesus.

The only protection from freedom of speech is PERSONAL and always INDIVIDUAL, like I cant go to newspapers and call you pedophile and ruin your image.

If you brainwashed to the extreme level of that the guy that made the movie is responsible for all the dead people, not the raging savages then you have a serious problem with your moral compass.

I do not see how you can blame a video for stupid people (I don't care what god you worship, stupid is stupid) killing people. Each person is responsible for their own actions so blame the killings on the killers not on some video. I do not think that a belief should be respected but that what a person does with that belief is where respect should come from and someone who kills just cause you don't agree with their belief doesn't deserve respect.

I am of the same point of view as you are that the killers are responsible for the deaths not the movie, that is why I used the words "due to". But you can not deny the fact that everybody in this world is not educated to the extent that they can differentiate in between right and wrong. They only try to balance the equation with cause and effect. Fire needs a source (like the short movie provided) to become inferno. To avoid that inferno, somethings including limits to free speech must be implemented.


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I find it interesting that some cultures can't handle free speech.
In my point of view, your so called "Free Speech" should have limits. If it hurts somebody then it shouldn't be allowed under any circumstances. Let's take an example of yourself. What if somebody starts posting your (your sister, girlfriend, wife, mom or any family members') nude pics on the internet? I can bet on that you would sue the **** outta that person. Do you still feel that there shouldn't be limits to free speech?
Free Speech does have limits, you can say anything you want but certain things have consequences along with them. You can go right ahead and yell fire in a crowded building but you can be sure that you are going to jail and will be brought up on charges for inciting a riot and endangering the public. The whole reason for freedom of speech is to be able to state your opinion without the government or other ruling bodies sending you to jail or censoring you just cause they don't agree with you and that should be protected. BTW posting another persons picture without their permission is not protected under free speech but is considered a violation of privacy. You need to learn what Free Speech actually means before you start saying it shouldn't be allowed or should have limits since you seem to be confused on what it actually is.
To which I'll add, never trust a hypothetical argument. "What if" is a signal that the agenda has nothing to do with logic or facts and probably is only propaganda. As one of Lois McMaster Bujold's characters observed about politicians brandishing what-if arguments, "...the crimes they hope to prevent in that future are imaginary. The ones they commit in the present - they are real."