IRQL error lots of BSOD

By hobineros
Oct 28, 2011
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  1. Hi guys, hoping someone could help out with this, been doing alot of research and looking around, and it looks like yall have some good thoughts... I have been BSOD'ing alot lately and it seems to have started happening right around the same time my NORTON NIS 2012 started having problems... I have had norton remote log onto my PC and they just sit there and fool around for hours and waste my time staring at the screen...

    Anyways, I think the two are related, i just dont know how to read this file to see what its pointing out as the cause... I had some problems with updating my Catalyst control center and i actually ended up reloading windows hoping it would fix this, but nothing changed it seems... was good for a week now i am back to this BSOD'ing crud...

    ANyhelp would be so much appreciated

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  2. Mark56

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    It is not easy to reach much of a conclusion from only one dump file but the most obvious cause considering you have reinstalled is a hardware fault and the first thing I would do is run a test on your RAM, follow this guide:


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