Is a new video card in the cards for me?

By jerseyjeff
Jan 4, 2009
  1. I understand Dell does not easily welcome new additions under the hood that are not their own. But here goes...
    Dell Dimension 4550 about 6 years old
    Motherboard: Intel Pentium 4
    Graphic Interface AGP v.2.0
    Memory DDR 1,024 bytes
    CPU speed 1.80 GHz
    Only problem is power supply. I took the machine apart and cannot determine what the power capability is. Nowhere obvious at all. Not outside, not inside, as far as I can determine. Son wants to play PC Game "The Movies" with "Stunts and Effects" expansion pack. Daughter wants to expand Sims game to Sim City Societies.
    That's about all the demand we will place on the system for gaming. Any advice as to next steps? Willing to spend reasonable amount. Thank you. -jj
  2. camo009

    camo009 TS Rookie

    The easiest thing to do without stuffing up your PC is to take your computer down to the local I.T technician and see whether you can get a new video card that will work with your PC. He will give you a rough price, Its cheaper than breaking your PC and having to buy a new one.
  3. JebediahTBone

    JebediahTBone TS Rookie

    Dell boxes support 3rd-party hardware just fine.

    According to the Dell website, the specs for that machine show it has a 250W power supply. I don't know if that will be too little for your needs, but changing a power supply isn't too hard. If you aren't comfortable doing it, then take it to a shop.

    Not sure about why your subject references a new video card but then in the post you say the power supply is the only problem. Nevertheless, if you want a new video card, you should be able to add one in pretty easily. Again, if you aren't comfortable doing this, take it to a shop.
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