Is Galaxy S6 a good buy?

By mikano · 8 replies
Apr 21, 2015
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  1. Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a new phone for me and have a budget of $300. Is Galaxy S6 a good phone to buy? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. JamesandBennie

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  3. DeWeller

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    Just bought it.
    Well, what can I say: sophisticated, pretty fast, even has IR port (I've already forgotten what is IR!) to control home stuff. Has decent cameras (both front and rear are good), that's important for me, as I take a lot of pictures every day.
    I'm satisfied for now. I'm gonna use it for a while, then write my resume.
  4. Jos

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    We just posted our Samsung Galaxy S6 review today and it's definitely Samsung's best yet, a marked improvements in design both in hardware as well as the software side (less bloat, more consistent UI taking cues from Google's material design). It also has the best camera in any Android phone. Check it out.
  5. bluejolls

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    S6 Edge will be the flagship, S6 will be the epic fail. I prefer horrible looking devices with options over a good looking brick, which lacks something every phone should have!
  6. sadman3

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    Sophisticated and fast. not forgetting its sleek nature too :)
  7. mikano

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    Hey guys, thank you so much for all of the replies and suggestions. I finally picked up Galaxy S6 and it is a great buy. It feels really nice in hand. Also the concern of battery life was elimated. The idea to equip a cover with an additional battery for nonremovable smartphone like Galaxy S6 is good and I find this mpj is totally awesome battery cover.It makes the phone a bit thicker, but that's really not so bad.

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  8. Somya Sharma

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    Yes samsung galaxy S6 is good buying because of its features which are unique and more impressive. It has octa core processor and is first phone in world which has a DDR 4 RAM and also Samsung Galaxy S6 has one unique health app- heart rate monitor app which is first in world of its type.
  9. sadman3

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    I would classify this a rhetorical question. There is no comparison in the market. I know phones such as the sony xperia Z3, LG G3 and Iphone 6s came out about the same time. My first choice still remains the one and only Samsung S6.

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