Is it possible to increase memory on video card?

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Apr 30, 2006
  1. Ok so I have an Intel740 Compatible Graphics Adapter which has an aprox total memory of 8.0MB. I've recently bought a computer game that needs my video card to have at least 32MB of memory. Is there any place that I can download or add more memory to my video card, or will I have to buy a new one? Thanks to anyone that can help (and I'm pretty computer illeterate so don't make fun of me if this doesn't make sence.)
  2. DonNagual

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    So, it looks like the answer is no. Don't kill the messenger ;)
  3. CMH

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    If a game tells you that you need at least 32mb of video memory, they really mean 64mb.

  4. N3051M

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    i agree. check what type of video card your pc can take (AGP, PCI-E) and buy accordingly. Entry level cards for games should be pretty cheap, just make sure you get above teh 64mb mark. or if you got some spare cash lying around.. get something decent and futureproof...
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    A 128MB/256MB card should do it for all the games out there. A 6800 GS for AGP, a 7600 GT for PCIe and a FX5500 for PCI(just in case) would be recommended but these r all 256MB.
  6. benken2202001

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    ahhh... brings me back to the days with the RIVA. TNT-2

    its about time you upgraded treefingers =D good luck
  7. Greenmachine

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    If you don't know the type of video card that fits in your computer, then just tell us the computer make and model # (ex. Dell Dimension 8200) and we will be glad to help you out. Also how much money can you spend?
  8. treefingers

    treefingers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so I think the computer is an athlon 2000. If I do buy a video card would I need a computer expert or is it easy enough to install myself? Thanks everyone for your help n stuff...
  9. Fiziks

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    it's as easy as just plugging it in and installing the software :D
  10. applesauce12321

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    do u have any spare cash laying around and do u want to play games often???
  11. applesauce12321

    applesauce12321 TS Rookie

    yeah its pretty much cash do u have to spend on one and ill give u some good options
  12. treefingers

    treefingers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't really have much cash.. but i do have parents ;). Yeah i want to be playing the game often it's the sims2 if that makes any difference. And regarding the installing video card do i have to pull out the back of the computer or something? yeah i need a new soundcard too...
  13. N3051M

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    you still havent provided enough info on your current hardware.....
    we need to know..

    how much you're willing to spend
    your psu (power supply unit), make and wattage, motherboard model, RAM, etc..
    alternatively if its a prebuilt pc, the model number and the maker eg: HP 1120a...
    if you have no clue where to find this info download SIW or Everest home and look it up...

    putting a new video card is as simple as 6 steps, provided the motherboard does support a vid card:
    -unplug power (mains) and cables.
    -open up your pc case, destatic yourself (touch the case frame before you touch anything else)
    -find the slot that your vid card goes to, note if you have to push a locking mechanism or not before installing.
    -phillips head screwdriver remove the pannel that will be for your new vid card
    -install vid card securly, lock if needed and dont forget to screw it in and attach power connector if neccesary.
    -close case up, connect all cables etc, go to bios and change a few settings, bootup windows and install drivers.
  14. darkstuarez

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    Coming from someone who's bought the geforce fx5500 PCI, I would not recommend it, it can barely run the games out there, make sure you have a good processor atleast.
  15. benken2202001

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    i recommend a geforce fx 5900 xt. for your AGP slot. Its a mid-range card designed to run new games with lovely (but not perfect) performance.
    (written in 2003, card was $200. much cheaper now)

    I played Sims2, Call of Duty 2, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, a lot of recent games and the video specs are all about mid-range. it has never given me even the slightest problem.
  16. Greenmachine

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    We need to know your computer model. Look on the outside of the computer case for a brand and a model #. Athlon 2000 is your processor. Installing a video card is relatively easy....
    check this link out....
  17. treefingers

    treefingers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so i downloaded SIW and this is the information that got gathered:

    Name Windows XP (Professional) Service Pack 2
    AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    1.68GHz 256MBRAM

    Property Value
    Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    Model GA-7DXE
    Version 1.x
    Serial Number 00000000

    Chipset Vendor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
    Chipset Model AMD-761 CPU to PCI Bridge
    South Bridge 82C686B PCI to ISA Bridge
    SMBus VIA Technologies Inc 82C686B ACPI Power Management Controller @5000

    CPU AMD Athlon XP
    Cpu Socket Socket A
    Processor Upgrade ZIF Socket
    Max CPU Speed 2000 MHz

    System Slots 5 PCI, 1 AGP

    Memory Summary
    Capacity 256 MBytes
    Location System board or motherboard
    Maximum Capacity 1536 MBytes
    Memory Slots 3
    Error Correction None
    Error Correction Capabilities None
    Name Physical Memory Array
    Use System memory
    Maximum Memory Module Size 512 MBytes

    Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

    is that all that is needed? money wise less than $100(aus)
  18. benken2202001

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    Yay. information!!

    Since you run an AMD.. a lot of people think you should go with nVidia card. (AMD likes nVidia geforce.. Intel likes ATI radeons..) But since you have a tight budget, get a AGP slot card. I'm not sure where u get the best prices in aus.. but i found 2 cards you might want.
    about $110

    Both cards have 128mb of memory so you'll be fine with them for today's games. (but definately not tomorrows....)
  19. treefingers

    treefingers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Excellent.. thanks for all your help!
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