Is it unsafe to have another PC on Windows 7 on your network?


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My son uses Windows 7 in dual-boot with Windows 10. I know Microsoft is not securing Windows 7 any more, so my concern is that having a PC on the same network as our other PCs and devices may put the entire network at risk.
So, with this in mind:

Is this compromising our other devices, online banking, the SOHO router, etc, even if he himself is careful not to do anything risky on his PC?

Please understand I'm asking about the risk to the other devices on the same network, not about his Windows 7, I know that.

Any advice much appreciated


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I don't know but I wouldn't be happy about it either. It seems unlikely to me that W7 has any benefits that are worth the risk. If your son doesn't accept this maybe look at an additional paid for security package. Windows 10 built in security is adequate generally but may not be enough in your situation.