Is my motherboard dead?

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Apr 16, 2006
  1. Hello,

    Recently i was given a better graphics card than the one i already had.
    I disconnected all the wires from the back of the computer then i opened the case up, took the old graphics card out and i also took out the ram out to check what type i had incase i wanted to buy more ram in the future, i then put the new graphics card back in and the ram also.
    I then put the case back on and connected all the wires back into the computer

    Now nothing is working, I get no signal on my monitor, i have tried 2 monitors but i know that both of them work, I have searched google for explanations but As i am not a computer whiz, I do not really know what to do.

    I have seen topics saying take the bios (cmos) battery out wait 10/20 minutes and put it back in - but nothing was different.

    I read in a manual about cmos jumper thing but i dont what to do.

    Has anybody got any suggestions? Is my motherdead or a case of a simple thing that needs fixing?

    Hope to get a reply soon

    KlaSh :wave:
  2. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    First off, a motherboard is not a simple thing. BUt i dobt you killed your Mobo.

    When you turn on the PC, does any fans lights etc come on?
    Any beeps? if it is a dell, check for 5 lights labeled ABCD (i think) what color are they?
    Are you sure the video card is in a working state?
    Can you put in the old video card?

    My guess, you do not have the video card of RAM seated right. Which requires only a second of adjustment.
  3. Tokyopete

    Tokyopete TS Rookie

    kill switch

    some power supply units have a quick kill switch beside the power supply socket. Did you turn it off when you were disconnecting the wires at the back? And perhaps forget to switch it back on after inserting the power supply cable? A green light should come on on the motherboard if you have connected and turned on everything correctly, including the above mentioned switch. If there is no switch, pull out the main power cable, check that video card etc are correctly seated in their slots and try again, making sure the power cable seats into its slot fully.
  4. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for replying,

    AtK SpAdE:

    There isnt a fan light but the fan on the motherboard does work, there is beeps because my pc is trying to boot from the dvd drive.
    I am positive that the graphics/video card is in working state because i have seen the card in my friends computer and the old card was deffently working before i had this PC problem. i also have reseated the card and ram several times because when it 'clicks' i know its in right. (And no its not a dell)


    I know that the PSU in my PC does not have a quick kill switch, and there is no light on my motherboard indicating green, red or likewise.


    Also, i have started the PC without the DVD drives, floppy and harddrive connected and still nothing is showing on the monitor.
  5. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    What was you old video card and what is your new card?

    Did you uninstall the drivers for your old card, before installing the new one?

    You say your computer is beeping. Take a look at this Beep code list. It will tell you what the beeps mean for your particular bios.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  6. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello and Thank You for the welcome Howard.

    The old graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce MX440 and the other one is a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200

    The type of beeps i get is only when the DVD Drive is plugged in (because my computer checks or trys to boot up from the drive - this does this because when i installed windows i think) but when its unplugged and i start computer, nothing shows on my monitor at all

    As i cant see anything on my monitor, i can not change the boot up options

    But before this problem happened, everything ran fine even when it checks to see if anything was in the drive, it still went on to load the hard-drive

    I would also like to mention that when the problem i occured, at first i did not even take the graphics card out, i only took ram out and that was it.
  7. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    You did not say whether you uninstalled the old video drivers.

    What happens, when you try your old video card?

    Did you wear an antistatic wrist strap when you were working on the inside of your computer.

    I suppose it`s possible you have killed you mobo, but I hope not.

    Disconnect your computer from the mains. Take anything out not required to boot your system. Just leave the mobo/psu/cpu/1 stick of ram and graphics card. Make absolutely sure these are all seated and connected properly. See what happens.

    Regards Howard :)
  8. Tokyopete

    Tokyopete TS Rookie

    Go into the bios settings on startup by holding down the "delete" tab. Then go to the last heading which is startup options and make sure the boot order is "floppy disk - Hard drive - CDROM " and make sure the CDROM is not above the Hard drive. Is there any little green light anywhere on the mobo?
    I'm using the MX5200 video card and there isn't any reason for this card to be incompatible with your mobo as it is similar to the old card. You will need the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia site but yr comp should run without them in basic video mode.
    All you do is press the restart button and hold down the delet button on your keyboard.
    BUT you must be sure the monitor is firmly plugged into the connector and also that the psu cable is also correctly plugged in.
  9. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I dont think i had to change the Video driver because last time i installed the nvidia driver was 1st/2nd of april and i think there is only one driver for all cards.

    There is nothing different when i try the old video card.

    Nope i did not wear any wrist straps or anything on my fingers or anything.

    I have already tried booting the computer up with nothing else plugged in apart from the mobo/psu/cpu/ram/graphics card but still, its the same, nothing on the monitor but still see the mobo fan working.


    I cannot see anything on the monitor to go on the settings.
    Well i know that the driver i got from the nvidia site is compatiable for all nvidia cards so i know that cant be a problem.
    and as i said before, i do not see any kind of light on my mobo.
    And im positive EVERYTHING is correctly plugged in.
  10. Tokyopete

    Tokyopete TS Rookie

    no monitor

    Does yr monitor have a plug in cable at the monitor as well as the comp? Sometimes, it does have plug in connections at both ends, ie to the monitor and to the comp. the one going into the monitor can be not correctly fitted due to your plugging in and out at the comp end. I've had that happen to me and after tearing my hair out remembered to recheck the monitor connection.
  11. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The monitor lead that goes from monitor seems fine.. I also have tried 2 leads..
    I also took my computer to my cousins house and tried his monitor and lead and it did not work.

    One of the monitors i have here, when its unplugged it is a grey screen but when it is plugged in, it goes black (sort of standby)

    Not sure if i posted that allready ^
  12. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    If the fan on the mobo comes on but no POST and you get beeps when the DVD is plugged in I'd think you're overpowering the PSU. The other most likely problem is that you killed the RAM (ESD event) when removing it for inspection. What I don't understand is why it only beeps when the DVD is plugged. If your RAM is dead it should beep either way.

    What is the wattage and the amps of the PSU? You can see this info on the side label of the unit. It should look like 300Watts. 12V at 18A, 3.3V at 25A and 5V at 35A. Something like that.

    Can you borrow a stick of RAM?

  13. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well it was all the same before i had this problem.

    I have already tried 2 sticks of ram and nothing was different.

    On the label on the PSU it says this

    115/230V 7A/4A 60/50HZ
    +5v +3.3v +12v -5v 12v
    15A 15A 9A 0.3A 1A

    But you see, it was all working fine for 2 years or so

    All i did was took out the ram, put it back in - obviously with all the power not connected to it
  14. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    In my opinion, you either have a faulty psu, or a faulty mobo.

    Regards Howard :)
  15. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just dont see how it can all of a sudden be faulty :(
  16. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Since you didn`t wear an antistatic wrist stap. It is possible you`ve fried someting due to static.

    Regards Howard :)
  17. Tokyopete

    Tokyopete TS Rookie

    missing monitor screen startup

    Are you getting a continuous steady beeping - beep beep beep etc. If so, the ram is not correctly seated in its holder(s). I've just had that when adding two more sticks of ram. Switch off, reseat the ram sticks and try again.
    It is also possible that you partly unseated the video card when installing the ram as they are usually close together. By the way, which mobo are you using and what is the psu wattage? You didn't give an answer to either question, yet.
  18. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, i am not getting any beeping at all, apart from some sort of noise from my DVD Drive (as i said before)
    I know that both Ram and Video card are seatted correctly and I do not know the make of my motherboard and i dont know what psu wattage is, all it says on the label is

    115/230V 7A/4A 60/50HZ
    +5v +3.3v +12v -5v 12v
    15A 15A 9A 0.3A 1A

    (posted it before)

    Of course i have checked all the basics, that is why i searched google 'no signal on monitor' and 'motherboard dead' and read nearly every link it gave me in the first 3/4 pages.

    I wouldnt of created this topic if i knew that the simple things would of solved my problem, which they havnt, so i thought i would create a topic to see if i could get any more help.

    I am either going to find a local pc repair shop near to me and pay 30 odd pound for them to look at it and then probally buy a new mobo or a new psu, whichever the problem is or buy a new computer.

    But this problem is now seriously starting to get on my nerves and im no closer to sorting it :(
  19. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    IMO, you've got a dead PSU, which is good news. They only cost $30-$40 US. The specs on your PSU are terrible, 15A on the 3.3V and 5V outputs and ONLY 9A on the 12V rail! This is laughable, and I don't mean to insulting or rude, I'm just trying to be clear and precise.

    When you installed the video card and powered it up, it immediately blew the old girl. I'm not going to tell you I'm 100% sure, but I'm very very certain you have a dead PSU and you can replace it for a few pounds (quid)(sp?).

    In your neck of the woods you can buy a Q-Tec 300 to 350W PSU for about 30P. Here's an FSP model: ATX PSU - 120MM THERMAL CONTROLLED FAN.htm

    Let us know if need help picking one out.
  20. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Personally i dont think the psu is dead, i dont care if its rubbish, it does its job.
    I did not build the comp myself, i bought the comp in 2004..

    I think i said this before when i first got the problem i ONLY took out ram, nothing else.

    So i dont see how the other gfx card blew the psu when i got it the day after the problem occured.
  21. Tokyopete

    Tokyopete TS Rookie

    Nothing on monitor

    Is it possible that when you replaced the DVD rive cable you have put it into the Hartd drive socket by mistake and also put the Hard drive connection into the DVD socket on the mobo?
    Easy to do and if your cables are identical ie non ULTRA DMA type (used only with ATA Ultra DMA Hard drives) quite likely. This would explain the beeping at the DVD drive point instead of the beginning of the boot up sequence.
    Check it all once more to make ceretain the the cables are going to the right connections on the mobo and the HDD and DVD. If you are using Ultra DMA then that cable has three different coloured connectors - black -blue - grey.The Blue one goes to the mobo and usually the mobo connection is also coloured in blue. Grey to the slave HDD and black (end of the cable) to the Master HDD. It is also an 80 connector type unlike the CDROM cable which is 40 connections. CDROM cables are usually black connectors with a protruding slot to ensure correct fitting. Some also have a pin missing.
    You may as well check it out inch by inch.
    Don't feel lonely about problems. I've just had an HDD go bellyup and another computer that won't let me into the bios at all.
    Apropo of nothing, the ultimate boot disk can be downloaded from I think and you can use it later to check everything in your computer and I do mean everything.
  22. KlaSh

    KlaSh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am pretty sure the wires are in the right things (DVD Drive, HD etc)
    I will be getting someone to look at my pc tomorrow so hopefully they will know for sure whats wrong.

    EDIT: Well I just rang3 places near to where i live, it deffently Looks like im getting a new PC as the broke PC will never get the problem sorted
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