is my pc overclocked

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Jun 2, 2007
  1. hi i bought a amd 4400+ winsor that was advertised as overclocked by 8%. the pc runs with 2gb ram and 300gb hd and i have upgraded the fan to a arctic cooling freezer 64 pro. i am completly new to overclocking. i have used rightmark clock utility to set the voltage for cool and quiet. it has 2gb ram. with rightmark is records that the processors ar 2199 also with motherboard monitor it records the cpus at 2200. i understand that this may not be the actual speed of the processors if been clocked. but could any one tell me how i can check if the pc has been clocked,
    thanks rob
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Look here. Looking at that information and the info you provided, it hasn't been OC'd at all.
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    yeah IIRC 2200mhz is the default speed for a 4400+
  4. robski

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    so if it had been clocked the reading in right mark clock utility would read high than 2199 then. would it be obvious to say that it would read to what evr it had been clocked to. so if it has not been clocked. is there anyone out there who could talk me through clocking this machine, cheer for your help, ro
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    ! NOO! Not another forum! TS pwns them all! Haha, just kidding. I've referenced hardforum a few times myself ;) (please don't ban me:()
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