Is Ram price going up again, any ideas?

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Mar 18, 2002
  1. T-Shirt

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    If you read the news on the 3d Spotlight front page yesterday you would have seen
    Monday, April 8 2002 News

    Micron cuts contract memory prices
    by Julio @ 4:48 PM - [Comments]
    Whether it's a way of putting pressure on the big Korean Dramurai – including "bride to be" Hynix – or a reflection of something else, Micron cut its prices on DRAM to PC manufacturers today by around 50¢.
    That leaves the price of its 128Mbit memory chips hovering around the $4 mark, with spot prices for the same parts to fall further, according to Asian sources.

    Crucial, which is the retail outlet for memory which Micron owns, also cut the prices of its modules over the weekend.

    Read the complete article at The Inquirer.
  2. boeingfixer

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    I saw it "T", trouble is, with the forums taking up alot of my surf time, I forget to read the main page many days. ;)
  3. T-Shirt

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    well most of thetime I just skim over it too, but that one stuck in my head as important:approve:
    Dispite earthquake, increasing demand, the glut being used up, etc.
    Memory producer have a huge over capacity, and need to move product/increase market share. So the price war will continue!!:grinthumb
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