Is something Wrong with my PC? - recently upgraded-

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Nov 1, 2007
  1. Hi.. I recently bought a X1950Pro to satisfy my gaming needs.... here is my System..

    Windows Xp Pro , PentiumD 2.8ghz , 1gb Ram DDR1 , X1950Pro...

    So i decided to use Bioshock and Halflife 2:ep2 as my test subjects for my new card. Bioshock is nearly unplayable at any settings , it doesnt matter if im playing in 640x480 LOW or 1280x1024 on high i get very lag on any setting and lowering the resolution or quality doesn't seem to do much. As for Episode 2 , in the default settings everything is set to high or near high , so i tried playing it at 1024x768 resolution, it's playable but i get lots of lag in some parts and the framerate isn't very stable so i tried lowering my settings , same results.. it didn't matter if it was in a high or low resolution/setting i could never achieved a 100% smooth framerate and lowering the settings to the minimum didn't get me more than a few extra FPS.. I know my Processor sucks but i really don't want to change it At the moment (its only a year old) , will getting an extra GIG of ram help my problem?... and it's hard for me to believe that the difference is THAT big..

    Additional Information : I have the latest drivers for my Video Card and Sound Card , i also defragged all my HDD's... My PSW is 550W. And my Video Card is PCI-E. MY previous Card an X800XL worked fine (had to change to play the SM3.0 only games) on some of my older games Titan Quest my new card outperforms my old one but i don't know by how much (i ran it almost on max with the x800XL) ---

    Oooh the Card is 256MB/256Bit DDR3 - standard clocks.
  2. mailpup

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    An extra gig would help. The recommended is 2 gig while the minimum is 1 gig. Edit: For Bioshock
  3. Rik

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    Did you uninstall the driver and software for your old card before fitting the new one?
  4. Drivenby

    Drivenby TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i used Driver Cleaner with ATI , ATI CCC and Nvidia (just in case).... i also tested several drivers , 7.4,7.6, 6.9 and even The Omega Drivers... i have had driver issues with my older cards , so i took a lot of precaution with this one.
  5. Stick'o ram

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    CPU's can make a big diffrence though, look at the diffrence between the PenD 2.8 and the Core 2 Duo E6600


    However drivers and settings within the ATI Catalyst Control Center can be to blame

    Sorry forgot to post the link
  6. Drivenby

    Drivenby TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow there is a huge difference.... hmmm , my motherBoard doesn't (D10GC2 -something) doesn't support C2D, crap........................ so i would have to change both mobo and processor. I still can't believe the difference is that big , my old Pentium 4 Processor lasted me for 4 years running every game at 30+FPS.
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