Is there a way to automatically find/update drivers?

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Nov 9, 2010
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  1. I'm kind of new to this so this might be a bad question. Normally when I update my device drivers I go into computer management and click each one individually and use for "Update drive". Is there a program that does this automatically for me?
  2. mike1959

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    Update drivers

    A fairly new program that works well, I have used on several different PC's is; The free version scans the PC, gives a list of missing drivers plus any updates for currently installed versions. You can choose to download them and/or install them from the program itself, but it has a speed limit, slow, unless you go for the paid for version. But the information can be used to get the drivers from each makers site. I use it for any updates under, say, 2MB, but I wouldn't get a graphic driver through 'Drivereasy'. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks a lot!
  4. mike1959

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    No problem. You will find links all around the net offering to update your drivers, but they want you to pay them. Fair to say that there are two versions of 'Drivereasy', the free one, which is very slow to download the drivers to you, (dial-up speed), or the paid-for version, of course it's fast. But the information the scan gives is the same, which for me has proved accurate on three different PC's.
  5. Jskid

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    I've only had one negative experince with it thus far. When I went to install a driver the installer said "you already have a newer version of the driver", granted this might not be DriveEasy's fault.
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    I use a program called SlimDrivers. It used to be a fully featured beta with full access to every feature, now that its it asks you to buy the full version. If you go to options and tweak every conceivable option you can get the individual drivers by clicking the download button. Make sure you unclick "restart after installing" or any other nagware option in the menu. It has a pretty amazing automatic scanner which is the only reason I mention it.

    Also, google "intel driver update utility" which is a pretty powerful driver scanner made by intel.

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