Is there all-in-one software that lets you customize new computers?

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Dec 1, 2009
  1. I work part time at Best Buy Geek Squad while I am working toward my Bachelors degree. We work on a lot of new computers such as uninstalling crapware, installing anti-virus, msconfig, and whatever. They use a special disk that does basically all of that in one. When you insert the disk it asks you what software you want to install, then it asks what programs you want to uninstall, then basically MSconfig, and at the end does it all for you. The software is called geek squad customizer. Is there software that is similar to that, but lets you choose what software you want to install, then goes on to do the rest? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hiren's BootCD is good for that:

    But I just designed my own a long time ago ;)
    Mind you, since you work at Best Buy Geek Squad, if you are able to upload that boot disc it would be good to see
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    Sounds like what Windows script files do during an install of the OS, but more specialized.
    I suspect that such a utility would be available only to OEM's and other professionals who sell computers. You would need a license for every piece of software that is installed on every machine.

    By the way; I know this isn't really the place to ask, but how do you like working there (Geek Squad)? That is something I could do, but have always stayed clear of consumer work. I have heard they push you to work very quickly, and don't pay much.

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    I checked out the website. A very useful utility if you bought an OEM machine.
    I used to simply reformat the hard drive and re-install only what I wanted, but this looks like it would save a lot of time.

    One of the worst offenders I have ever seen is Real. Real Player, Real One, Real this, Real that... Nothing sucks the life out of your computer the way they do. And it always comes (or at least it used to) pre-installed on a Dell system.

    I always found that ordering a Dell through their small business department was preferable, since I never needed or wanted any of the media and other home software that would come pre-installed on a home system.

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    Working in Geek Squad is is not a bad job, but its not the greatest either. The work is pretty fast paced the pay is pretty low as well. Nothing to make a career out of. I am just doing it until I am finished with college then I can find myself a "real" job that pays well and has benefits. I could honestly say the best part about working for Geek Squad is the Best Buy discount. I get it for 5% above cost, which on a lot of things is a substantial discount. For instance a $150 Monster HDMI cable, I get for $20.
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