Is there any way to convert any picture to a copy & paste icon?


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Hi, I have just joined to this forum since I need some help about this and I hope it will be useful for other people if somebody know how to achieve it.

Well, I would like to add a certain icon to my twitter bio but the problem is, the icon I want, is not available on twitter emotes. However, it exists as a picture format (I can find it on Google Images or I even can create it by myself as it is just the flag of the region I currently live). So, I wonder if there is any way to convert any image to a copy & paste icon in order to add it to my twitter bio and making it visible and available for anyone who visit my twitter profile through a web browser or through the twitter app.

I know, this might sound like something hard to achieve, but if someone know, please help me and tell me how to achieve it.

Thanks in advance!


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Bio or profile? Or is that one in the same? Looking at my twitter profile I'm trying to see where a flag could be added.