Is this a good custom PC setup

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Sep 22, 2008
  1. im trying to build a pc to play cod 4 and gow and hl2 other old games tell me if this is good or how i can save money my budget limit 400$ i may can go up to 500$ see what i was going to do is just buy Case and HDD -CPU- PSU-Motherboard - and 2 GB of ram all for about 350$ not + Shipping then go back in 2 weeks or so and then buy Video Card and more ram

    pc Case



    Power Supplies

    Ram(going to get 2 of them so it be 4 GB of ram)


    Video Card
  2. mailpup

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    PC Case: I've used inexpensive Raidmax cases before and while the metal was a bit thin, once everything is installed it feels sturdy enough. I like the look of this case, personally. The 8800GT is 9.5 inches long which takes it to the edge of the motherboard. As such it will be very close to the hard drive cage but it should still fit. You will lose the use of at least one of your hard drive bays.

    HDD: I use Western Digital HDDs and they've been good for me. Perhaps you might consider a 250GB instead?

    Motherboard: I've never used ASRock although I understand they are a second tier subsidiary of Asus. My experience has been with MSI and Gigabyte.

    Power Supply: Rosewill is basically the house brand of Newegg. While I've never bought one, they seem to have decent customer reviews. Not my first choice but I don't have a problem with it either. I've used Antec, Seasonic, FSP Group, Mushkin and Silverstone.

    RAM: I've used this brand before and I've had no problems with it. I used it at stock settings only with no overclocking. I've also used Corsair and Crucial.

    Processor: A decent budget processor that performs well. I tend to buy higher end processors for gaming but given a tight budget, it should be ok. My year old gaming rig uses an E6850 Core 2 Duo. I have used AMD in the past and still do at the right price points.

    Video Card: I happen to have a PNY brand graphics card, an 8800 Ultra, and it has performed perfectly for over a year now. I took a chance on this lesser known brand of Nvidia card and I been happy with it. Except for this, all of my other graphics cards were/are ATI.

    Operating System: Which one will you use? Have you allowed money in your budget for this item?

    DVD Drive: Will you be reusing an old one?

    Overall, I think your system will work fine. I don't have issues others might have with some of your brand choices. The motherboard brand is probably the only one I wouldn't chose but I don't have experience with it so it could work fine.
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    dont need buy a Operating System i no how to get one;) dvd drive i got a External one but im going to buy a LG in 1 - 3 weeks
  4. Acclamator

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    I might switch the video card to an ATI Radeon 4850.

    External Drive, you can open the housing box it's in and pull it out. It will be exactly like a regular DVD drive.
  5. norbe09

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    thats pritty nice
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You can save some cash by getting the CPU off ZipZoomFly and getting the Corsair XMS2 4GB kit off Newegg (it's for $50 after a $25 rebate and of better quality than the G.SKILL kit). Also, consider replacing the PSU with this. Rosewill PSUs are not that great quality-wise, and not recommended.
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