Is this a virus or faulty file?

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I suppose it goes here

After downloading some stuff on kazza the other night on a few bands i noticed that one pic was weird. It wouldn't open, since then I haven't been able to delete it or get rid of it. I've tried everything and always says it's being used by another program. The file format is .png (Adobe) and it freezes kazza and i think, as it hasn't happened before, that it also freezes some of my windows

I've tried shutting down all non vital programs in task manager but it still says it's being used. Anyone know a way I can sorta muscle in on the other program so i can delete it? kinda like isolate it.

It's just a pain more than anything and it's the thing of you never know what it's doing



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are you sure it is really .png and not a trick file like .png.exe or .png.lnk? It could be a virus/trojan. Do you have decent anti-virus software installed?

How big is it? If it is huge or corrupt, then it may be just Explorer trying to (uselessly) extract image info/generate preview that is putting the computer to a crawl. If it is a problem with explorer, then you trigger the problem by selecting the file making it "in use" by explorer itself. Delete it from command line or selecting it with keyboard in explorer.

Heh, i read up on PNG and discovered your question in their FAQ..

BTW .png is not an Adobe standard.


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the best way to remove the file is to restart in safe mode and remove it.
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