Is this normal [newbie question]?

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Dec 31, 2002
  1. I was fiddling around in the BIOS of my Asus A7V-333, when I came across a CPU speed selector.

    When I first got the mobo, it had 2 options - 1300Mhz and 1730Mhz - naturally I chose 1730 -as I have a 2100+

    I've updated my BIOS and now it has the option of 2136Mhz....and it also allows me to change the multiplier settings manually.

    I know if I selected 2136Mhz, I'd fry my CPU (esp with the poor cooling at the moment). I also have a manual speed selector - as in using multipliers.

    As for the multiplier settings, aren't they supposed to be locked with a XP2100+? or are they actually locked, but I just don't know it?

    It gives me a load of options [I don't know if I'm being a complete noob here or not, oh well :cool:]:

    CPU Frequency Multiple: 13.0x -> 20.0x

    CPU/PCI Frequency: up to 227/45
    and I can push the VCore up to 1.85

    Doesn't the cpu need to be unlocked for this? or am I being a ******* as usual? :grinthumb
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    By flashing your BIOS, you integrated support for FSB's of 166MHz. The new Athlon XP's (2600+ and up) use 166MHz FSB's, not the old models like the 2100+. My system board does the same as well.

    IF you change the multiplier, it will display that multiplier in the BIOS, but it will remain 13 as default. You can't change the multiplier without special modification to your CPU, shorting the L1 bridges to be exact. One of the cool things about the nForce 2 is that it automatically unlocks the multiplier of the new TBreds.

    Anyway, don't worry about it, and just keep it at 1733MHz...
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    Re: Re: Is this normal [newbie question]?

    no, 2600+ and up do 333MHz front side bus...
    its 266MHz FSB from 2400+ to Athlon 1.13...
    then... im gonna say this in a different way now

    2600+ and up use 333MHz
    Athlon 1.13 to 2400+ use 266MHz
    Athlon 700 to Athlon 1.1 use 200MHz
    All Durons that you can buy now are at 200MHz
  4. Vehementi

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    Re: Re: Re: Is this normal [newbie question]?

    166x2 is 333. 133x2 is 266. 100x2 is 200. See a pattern? Athlon FSB's are double pumped. Sync's with DDR.

    For Intel:
    133x4 is 533. 100x4 is 400. See a pattern? P4 FSB's are quad pumped. Sync's with RAMBUS.

    Both our statements are correct.

    Look in your BIOS, it will display 133/166MHz as your FSB. Not 266/333MHz. Also, multiply the multiplier by the FSB, which is what a CPU's clock speed is. For example, my Athlon XP 2100+. The default multiplier is 13. The clock speed is 1733MHz. 1733/133 = 13. 1733/266 = 6.51...

    Same goes with DDR.
  5. palmboy5

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  6. MrGaribaldi

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    They are supposed to be locked, but not all chips are... Sometimes a batch will come out which isn't multiplier locked...

    Just take a look at the L1 bridges Veh mentioned to see if it's locked or not....
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