Is Windows 11 coming? Leaks confirm it


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I use XP for certain things, Linux for others, Spyware Platform 10 for "some" games, and Windows 8.1 for other things

All from the same PC
Yes PC, or "PERSONAL" computer,.................... remember those?

"Personal" computers were made long long ago, in the "before time"

XP is not for everything, but for many things nothing else will ever do!
I get that. I still use 4:3 monitors because older games, as well as TV, are designed for that aspect ratio. I still have and run the first PC I built; I think it was originally a Windows 98 machine, moved to XP at one point, and now runs 2K, and I keep that on there for the purpose of running legacy games and applications - just not for watching YouTube and Odysee. I suspect that the day I'll be moving my main PC to Linux on a permanent basis is drawing close.

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Except for Windows XP, obviously... that’s perfect...
As long as it was XP Pro SP2 or SP3 instead of XP Home, I agree. I really miss the days when the most important aspect of an OS was functionality and stability. Windows 7 was good but the file search was broken from day one. I'm sometimes tempted to install XP Pro as a secondary OS just so I can use its file search engine. I don't understand why MS removed it. That and the Windows Picture/Fax Viewer. That was a great little program as well that MS inexplicably removed post-Windows 7.