Issues overclocking XFX HD 6770


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Right so I recently got xfx 6770 and I overclocked it and I done my homework looked at what clocks are stable and searched around a bit and basically I am having some heat issue related problems as when it's under full load in a game it will go up to 80 celsius and thats not it though it then starts freezing getting jumpy and screen tearing and it then ends up with a full lock up and ends up with a screen just with stripes you cant see anything and then forces me to restart. I tried everything and now I decided to turn to this page see if anyone has a solution and by the way I do have my fan at 100% but when on high overclocks it stresses the gpu and causes the same stuff only when on 100% fan cooling

i7 2.67ghz (920)
8gb ram corsair
xfx 6770
2 hard drives = 1.1tb
2 dvd-roms
atx g7 780w psu
80 degrees is nowhere near the thermal limit of the cards, they are rated for ~105 Celsius. I woulds make sure everything on the car is nice an screwed in, and screwed in solidly. Also what clocks are you getting the 6770 up to, every card is different some may not overclock at all. You could get GPU-Z and just send over the sensors tab, and check the asis quality of the card.
hey man thanks for replying anyway I understand that overclocking isn't safe and that it causes trouble like for me. I just wanted to ask if you should choose between a xfx 7770 core edition an an evga 560 ti which one would it be.
xfx 7770 core edition:
evga 560 ti: 500 Series Family&sw
and by the way do you know how much the xfx 6870 2g would cost in pounds?

and bluebob my oveclocked memory is 1310 and core is 960 but original for memory is 1200 and for the core it's 800 and I know it's not the limit for the cards tempreature but im not worried about that and also it's more because once it goes 70 then it just starts to cause problems and thats why I need to know how to cool it down and I need it to be 60-70 while gaming somehow as the fan and the heatsink dont do nothing at all to help me. and thanks for replying guys I was loosing ope that no one would reply.
Not to derail the topic but a XFX 6870 2GB can be had for just $180 after MiR on newegg, free ship

I don't necessarily want to push you into buying an upgrade, I just don't recommend overclocking graphics cards because it's usually more trouble than anything. The 6870 isn't a huge jump mind you, but you may be happier...

I would say the same. Overclocking the CPU makes a big difference but then again OCing the GPU doesn't change that much...
Run for ex. Passmark performance test when the GPU settings are all on default values, then OC it and run the preformance test again and see how much the graphics scores vary.
ok thanks for replying ermm do you have any recomended version of passmark that I should use. and also you are saying that I should overclock my cpu am I right ?
Personally I only use it to see how big the performance increase is when I OC...and I haven't needed to OC anything for some time now because I have found the roof for my rig and then also my mobo is broken :p ...anyways...the "important" thing is that you use the same version and that you run the same tests so that the results are comparable with each other.
I would say that the power is in the CPU and that's where you should start. I have had more problems than use of OCing the GPU so I don't even bother anymore...but then the CPU is a totally different thing ;)
One thing that you have to be sure of when doing any kind of overclocking...that you have a good enough cooler!
thanks for replying so thanks for that advice and I already have a massive heatsink and a massive fan that at max will go up to 3000-4000 rpm and the I have another one but it's pretty small. and if I was to buy one of these two gpu's which one should it be I can buy evga 560 or xfx r7770 core edition.
evga 560 500 Series Family&sw
xfx r7770