Issues with CMD.exe and iexplore.exe

By Balanced
Sep 20, 2015
  1. Randomly a CMD.exe would pop up on my screen for a short period of time, and after that happens two forms of iexplore.exe would be open in taskmanager.
    one from C:\Program Files (x86) and from C:\Program Files.

    Internet explorer is no longer in my windows 8 start menu, and I do not use internet explorer at all.
    At one point the CMD.exe remained open long enough and I saw the words "KURTS script cleaner" and the commandline was somewhere in my Temp folder.
  2. Broni

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  3. Balanced

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    Yes, same computer.
    I have multiple logs from that previous thread, is it possible to re-open that one?
  4. Broni

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    Yes, you should have PMed me as stated in my rules.
    I closed previous topic due to 5 days non activity.
    I'll reopen your previous topic and I'll close this one.
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