Issues with WD 120GB External USB Hard Drive

By shuffiman
Mar 22, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I got a Western Digital 120GB external hard drive last night, to supplement my laptop's 30GB drive. I intend to use it mainly to store mp3s (right now I have around 40 gigs, but I anticipate it growing rapidly soon), and perhaps some movies too, occasionally. My question is, should I partition the drive? I've read some guides on parititioning hard drives, but since mine will be almost exclusively for mp3s and video files, most of the online guides and articles are kind of irrelevant (since they assume broader use of the drive).

    A side issue -- I don't know if anyone with a WD external drive has had this issue, but when I press the power button off to shutdown the drive, the blue light around the switch blinks 10 times, then stays on. It does not turn off -- even after I close all applications. What I can do is either hold the switch down for a few seconds (which I assume is not good for the drive), or put my laptop on sleep mode, then turn the drive off (pressing the power switch once to turn it off works just fine now), and revive my laptop. Roundabout, but it works. WD's online reference section suggests I turn off all applications (tried it, didn't work), or turn off indexing on the drive (didn't find a way to do that). Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. fishhookz

    fishhookz TS Rookie Posts: 79

    My family's PC has a relatively new WD drive and NONE of your symptom. XP powers off the PC in 10 seconds. More or less.

    Indexing is a service. When turned off, it can't run. Start > Control... > Admin... > Services > Indexing... > Disable it.

    Yes, Indexing option shows in the hard disk property. I wouldn't touch that.
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