It was the ~#'@$£  PSU!

Nov 23, 2011
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  1. My PC started crashing every time I tried to play any games. I could use it for all other aplications but as soon as a game loaded kaboom!!! PC died. Three things it could have been 1. Dead GPU 2. Corrupted drivers 3. PSU.

    I started building the PC last year buying one or two bits a month (stop the wife from noticing!!!) I started off cheep and then bought better and better parts (as you do). One of the first items was the PSU - Ezeecool 650w, I thought that 650w would not be a strain!!! how wrong I was.

    Anyhow thanks to the guys on here I identified the problem and swopped the crappy 25 quid PSU with a Themaltake toughpower 675w modular. Ran loads of stress tests without any problems and I am now a happy man!!!

    Kind regards for all the people that post on this site

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