It's a long shot, but.... (Unzipping Question)

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Jan 5, 2007
  1. So, I am sitting here at work with my Win 98SE laptop. I am wanting to install some programs on the computer, but didn't realize that I needed to unzip them first. Well, this computer doesn't have WinRar or WinZip on it.

    What I am wanting to know (and I think I know the answer), but is there a way to extract the files using some windows command? I have no way of downloading an Unzipping program or putting one on here (at least for the next 4 hours). I'm pretty sure the answer is "No", but I am that bored at the moment that I thought I would ask.

    Oh, and Hi :wave: (First Post)
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  3. tat2dnpierced

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    Well, the problem is I have no good way of getting the laptop to connect to the internet to download anything. And I also have no way of transfering something from a computer that can download to the laptop. (Left the floppy drive at the house, no USB to connect my SD card to, no NIC card).

    I was almost tempted to go into one of my Hotel rooms (I'm a night auditor), connecting through dial up, signing up for something like NetZero for the free month, then cancelling the dial-up subscription after I downloaded WinRar.

    Oh well, I get off work in 3 hours now, and I will be able to do something there. But thanks for the help
  4. tomrca

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    could you not download through a work pc and save the exe file onto disc
  5. tat2dnpierced

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    Heh, thought about that already. But the Laptop has no floppy drive (well, it's external, but I left it home). I have a Flash Memory drive with me, but the laptop has no USB port to connect the drive to. Even if the work PC's have a CD burner, the CD drive in the laptop has yet to read a burned CD (and I have no blank disks with me).

    No NIC card to try and connect to the network. No wireless card so can't connect wirelessly to our routers. My ISP provides Dial Acess Numbers, but when I try searching for one, I get back no results.

    My next step it to call my ISP and demand they give me a dial acess number, but it's nothing have to get done tonight. Was just wanting to install PHP, Apache, and MySQL to kill some time at work.

    Oh wait, here is something I thought of that might be a windows Problem. I have a CD with the files on them for PHP, Apache, and MySQL (came with the book I bought when learning PHP). Well, when I insert the CD into the drive, it does not auto play. I was just going to copy the zip files from the CD to the hard drive and unzip them, but if there is a way to make the auto-play work, then I can install from the CD. I am thinking it is just this specific CD, as other CD's have auto-played.

    Any suggestions?
  6. Jesse_hz

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    I'm pretty sure that Windows XP has zip extraction built into it. I think it can be installed somewhere in "Add/Remove Programs".
    EDIT: Sorry then.
  7. tat2dnpierced

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    The laptop is Windows 98 Second Edition :(
  8. N3051M

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    if your cd doesn't autoplay, it could be that you've disabled it from the drive's properties/settings. To open it manually, look for the file on the cd named Autorun.inf and see if it points to any particular file, although in most cases it will just send you to setup.exe, install.exe, default.html etc. Its either that or it doesn't feature any sort of autoplay media available, like if you burn a couple of document files on a blank cd..

    It seemed that you did get yourself into a bit of a situation.. if downloading is not available nor if you can't transfer, next best thing is to go to a newsagent and purchase/get hold of a PC magazine/'s cd (and hope they still use CDs if your laptop only does CDs) since they usually include a free zip program there etc.
  9. tat2dnpierced

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    Well, I have an external floppy drive I can connect to the laptop, just (like an *****) I left it at the house. Once I get home (in an hour and a half) I can simply unzip it on my PC and put it on a floppy, then connect the external drive and get the unzipped files from there.

    I was just inquiring if there was a way to do it before I got home, as I was looking to do something to kill time at work. Ironically, trying to figure out a way to do it killed most of the time at work anyway, so I accomplished my goal. :)

    Also, when I looked at the CD, I realized I grabbed the "wrong" one, which was the CD that didn't have a Autorun feature.

    Oh well, at least I have something to do at work tonight. Thanks for the help everyone.
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