It's happening: AI chatbot to replace human order-takers at Wendy's drive-thru


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This is a further continuation of a downward trend of the human intelligence. Getting "AI" chatbots to take over jobs and allowing people to integrate with them will not benefit most people - mainly the ones doing the work to use the AI chatbots in their work. Bigwigs will reap the benefits of more money in their pockets as the rest of society becomes dumber and more dependent on help from those above us.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't chatbots that started it, it was folks learning to avoid human interactions and simply relying on smartphone devices to handle their day to day thinking. People have learned how to not communicate with others, in person or over the phone, in these last 10+ years. Young kids actually have anxiety talking on the phone, break down and cry anxiety. They also don't know how to hold eye contact in conversations and they don't take social cues very well because of their lack of in person interactions. Kids these days just go to their phone, record what they do and post it up on some social media platform, check out the likes/views they generate and read up on comments....

There are stories out there that school aged kids (up through high school) can't read an analog clock and they get anxiety and actually start to panic. If it's not a digital clock, they're screwed!

We are allowing these systems to be our brain these days.
How many people in this day and age can honestly remember someone else's phone number? I can recall every landline number I had growing up as a kid (needed to know your phone by memory so you could call home from a friend's house) and I know my wife's cell, mine, my daughters and my mom's cell number by heart. I used to know easily 3x this many numbers by memory for all my friends and family back then. I'm surprised I even recall as many today as I can, it's too easy to just quickly pick a number from my cell phone and simply push the call button.

The only things that seem important these days are what is at our fingertips right now at this very moment. Some people can't even go without using their phone while they're driving a 2ton vehicle that can easily kill them and others around them. We, as a society, have become dumb and the introduction of this so called AI is just going to make things worse. We're closer and closer to becoming the actual world of the Idiocrasy movie.

Oh I feel like we can shake hands here. Esp about the "Which numbers do you remember to this day?" It's virtually none; If I would lose my phone there was no way I could even contact anyone, while 25 years ago I could easily remember anyone of them.

We're allowing digital tech to pretty much take over. Put in AI at the expense of human interaction and to thrive lower costs. Google was never a service that would grant you a product for free. If the product is free it means that you are the product. And likely something else more AI will evolve out of that.

Prepare yourself. There's going to be a ton of jobs lost and replaced by AI, wether you like it or not.


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Minimum wage is the wage you get at your first job. You learn to work and acquire new skills. As you progress, your pay and / or job does. If you are making minimum wage 25 years later, it's not the system...


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Definitely don't need it here. I don't know who manages the local Wendy's but it's the fastest drivethrough I've been to of any fast food restaurant, including other Wendy's. They should seriously come here and see if there's any tips and techniques they could transfer to their other restaurants. I mean, one time they apologized for it "taking so long" after, with 3 cars ahead of me, it was MAYBE 1 minute between when I ordered and when I had the food and was driving off.


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Well, what do you expect?
Can't get people to work, unless you pay UNSKILLED people 15-20 bucks an hour, then they
don't show up, don't do the job correctly, and the food sucks, not to mention paying 10 bucks
or more for a SMALL meal.
Feeling entitled much?
People will work for a living wage, the whole, the concept of people working for little money and then getting by thanks to food stamps and charity is a flawed one.
As for food that sucks - you get what you pay for. Don't buy the cheap crap.


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AI is going to hit our society like a ton of bricks and world will not be the same - ever.

So many jobs are gonna be taken over by AI/bots, soon when you order a burger the whole process will be handled without humans being involved - and it will be the same thing in lots of other fields of society.