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Jul 3, 2006
  1. I have all my music on a network drive on a Linux server and it's mirrored to a local drive. I mapped the server music directory to my Windows XP Pro SP2 PC as I:/ and it worked very well. Podcasts download to my server and are picked up on my wireless network music player (Squeezebox 3).

    I recently updated iTunes to 6.0.5 and ended up with lots of grey exclamation marks next to my music in iTunes. So, I changed the location to the local Windows drive (E:/My Docs/My Music), it ran the updater (Updating iTunes Library) and still had the grey exclamation marks. So I changed it back to I:/ and the updater ran again, but still exclamation marks. I can click an exclamation-marked tune and say Yes to browse to where the tune is located on I:/ and then it plays and the exclamation mark disappears so I know it's not an access problem.

    Previously I could switch between E:/My Docs/My Music and I:/ quite happily and the updater always worked.

    I figured that perhaps it was a problem with iTunes 6.0.5 so I reverted back to 6.0.4 and the problem persists.

    I presumed that the updater overwrites the file location in the iTunes Music Library.xml file, so I had a look at that and it had my music folder listed as being at <key>Music Folder</key><string>file://localhost/I:/</string>, so that's okay. But most of the tunes are listed as being at the OLD location, which is file://localhost//Clarkconnect/shared/iTunes/

    I went into iTunes, double clicked an exlamation-marked song, browsed to its location and then closed iTunes again. Then I went into the xml file to see what had changed - as expected, the file location had changed from the old to the new and all was well.

    So, I thought it would simply be a case of using Find Replace to change the old location to the new. So I did that, opened iTunes, and, to my dismay, still exclamation marks. So I closed iTunes, opened the xml file and found that the old locations were all back again! AAARGH.

    Is it something to do with the iTunes Library.itl file? I moved that to see what would happen, opened iTunes and was greeted to an empty iTunes interface. Closing it down created a new iTunes Library.itl file. So I quickly put the old one back, but I don't know how to read that file (Wordpad, etc. show gobbledygook).

    So, once again, much time has been spent trying to fix a problem that wasn't there yesterday. Can anyone please help? I know this is a bit long-winded but I tried to explain my steps as best I could. Thanks for reading through my post!

  2. Cams

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    I still haven't been able to resolve this one. I think I may just have to go through each of my 4000-odd tunes and update them manually. I just don't see any other way and, after about 3 hours of Googling and messing around, I'm exactly where I was at the beginning.

    Anyone any ideas?
  3. Didou

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    You can always delete all the songs from the library (they won't be deleted on the drive itself) & then re-add them to the library. It might end up being long & boring but it should work.
  4. Parkster

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    After an update of iTunes, I had the same problem as Cams. The solution suggested by Didou worked. Thanks. Watch out for those updates!
  5. Cams

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    Man, nice thread revival! I did actually resolve this without destroying all my playcounts and ratings. It involved editing the XML file then manually editing the database file (iTunes Library.itl) in wordpad so that it was blank and then opening iTunes. It complained that the database was corrupt and rebuilt it based on the XML info. Long-winded but it worked.
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