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Jun 22, 2005
  1. hello ppl...i have a little problem...i was hoping that you guys could help me with this problem...so here it is...i am running windows xp pro...about a week ago i was trying to burn a cd and it just shut off and was followed by a loooooong and continuous beep...then i shut it off....turned it back on and it was fine again...then a few days later....same thing happens....then today i was running a program...guitar port to be exact...and i tried to open up another program to record and it just froze....i tried everything ctrl + alt + del, and all that other stuff and still it was frozen solid....so i got mad and just shut it off which i prolly shouldn't have done....and now my computer won't start...it goes to the "computer wasn't shut off properly" screen and just sits there and doesn't do a dang thing...do you guys have any idear what could be wrong with my computer...any help would be GREAT.....thanks...
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Try doing a repair install of Windows as per this thread HERE.

    If a mod could move this thread to the Windows os forum that`d be great. Thanks.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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    tried once....

    well i tried to repair windows....put the cd in and everything...the i was about to begin and the dang thing shuts itself off and gives that looooong beep that it did the last few weeks...i tried it a few times and it's still doing the same...oh and now it's not even getting to the screen that it used to it does the boot check and says that there is a disk read error or something...i'm going crazy with this thing...lol...oh and i'm sorry for not putting this thread in it's proper forum but i was just trying to hurry this thing up as i am moving back home here in a few days....any help at this point would be greatly appreciated...thanks...
  4. howard_hopkinso

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    Looks like you`ve got some kind of hardware problem.

    Go HERE and read my post. A message for all newcomers.

    This is because we need you full system specs.

    Open up your case and disconnect anything that`s not required to boot. Just leave the cpu, ram, hdd, and videocard. check that everything is properly connected and seated. Are all the fans running properly?

    Check the ide cables to see if they are loose or damaged.

    Regards Howard :)
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    This is either a memory or a hot CPU or a bad powersupply problem, not a windows problem.
    go to www.memtest86.org and get/run memtest86
    check that CPU and cooler are properly connected, using thermal paste.
    check that all fans are working and no dust in the PC.
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