Japanese gaming company's newest product aims to reduce esports injuries


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In context: PC gaming companies may offer different products, but there's one trait they all have in common: they'll label just about anything as "gaming" in hopes of taking your hard-earned money. And then there's one company that consistently pushes the boundaries of "gamer needs" over the line. Bauhutte has invigorated their lineup with products you likely didn't know there was a market for. Leading the charge this time around is the company's new gaming hand massager called... you guessed it, Hand Massager.

You grab your gaming glasses, put on your gaming gloves, and sit down in your gaming chair. You're ready to show the world why you're one of the best in the gaming world. But after a few hours of battle with your trusty gaming keyboard and gaming mouse you feel like your hands just can't take any more.

You're so close to that boss fight, so close to 1,000 more subscribers, and so close to gaming fame... you can't give up now! But what can you do? You can cram your hand into the new Bauhutte Hand Massager for gamers.

The new massager brings users the same feature-rich functionality as Bauhutte's other products, such as the Gaming Mattress and the elite Damegi 4G Ninja Onesie, complete with the "Drop Seat System 6.0." According to the website, which states "pre- and post-game hand care is a new custom," the massager boasts the ability to help gamers warm up their hand before a game, improve and refresh circulation during breaks, and cool down the hand by loosening stiff fingers.

The unit includes a 15-layer airbag that encompasses the user's hand using two different settings, acupressure mode and finger pulling mode.

If you find that you can't live without the hand massager then you might be interested in rounding out your relaxation with Bauhutte's Foot Massager. The unit provides three individual massage programs to destress and improve circulation.

And for those that are constantly forced to choose between your furry friends and online friends... worry no more! Bauhutte's Nyan Garoo (Meowgaroo) Hoodie 2 is specially made so you can share your gaming achievements with your cat.

If the need arises, you can get up to use the restroom without bothering your feline companion. I didn't make that up, it's really under the product's feature summary.

Most of the products seem to be limited to delivery areas serviced by Amazon Japan. I guess those of us that can't order will have to learn to be content with our keyboard cats and regular old mattresses.

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I wonder what was there for the smiths in the past working with the hammer for the whole days


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Next up: a small tracked robot that gathers up all the tossed Rockstar cans and crushes them into nice stacks of cubes.