Japanese researchers have developed a robot that can install drywall and handle powertools


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Robots and artificial intelligence at large are getting better every year. While we're probably still a few decades away from truly human-like AI, the tech has advanced enough that it's being used across a wide variety of professions - including a few fields you wouldn't expect, such as the practice of medicine and psychology.

However, it seems Japan wants to push us even closer to a world where robots replace humans in many jobs. The country's Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute has reportedly created a robot, dubbed HRP-5P, that can install drywall, as well as perform other tasks typically associated with contracting.

Skilled manual laborers are always in demand, but Japan, in particular, may struggle to meet that demand in the future.

As TechCrunch points out, skilled contractors start to slow down as they age, eventually leaving the workforce through retirement or illness. Japan's birth rate is also one of the lowest out there, meaning new manual workers are in short supply.

If robots like HRP-5P become the norm, Japan could solve this problem. Of course, for the time being, HRP-5P is quite slow, and while it gets the job done, the technology powering it will need to mature quite a bit before it becomes a viable alternative to human labor.

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The main hinderance seems to be that the robot tries to mimic how humans build a house. Just wait for the revolution of how houses are built, then they'll replace human labor much sooner.

Other, perhaps larger materials, modular design of something that resembles Lego or Duplo, 3D printed parts and whatever else that can come to mind.

Wasn't there a video on this site a while ago about a brick laying robot?

Modern houses are already severly lacking sophistication. Cubes upon cubes, straight and edgy. They certainly wont be able to build old/vintage style houses for a while.


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Uh oh...a lot of the job builders I see are Mexican...legal or illegal...bet they won't like THIS one bit ;)


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I wonder what people will do to earn a living when all the manual work is done by robots. The world only needs so many marine biologists, journalists, and social workers.