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Jan 1, 2004
  1. I often wonder why Intel didnt take advantage of stupid people and market the newer edition's of their P4 line ( 800 mhz fsb or hyper threading) and title them P5 or somthing differant. I understand that there isnt a real differance between the architecture of the two but still think they should have taken advantage of the change. Of course as the usual consumer's would think even if it was just 200 mhz faster just cause it was titled a P5 would finalize the sale dont you think ? Give me your feed back LoL
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Well, there would be an outcry from most of the people "in the know", meaning that computer magazines & sites would inform people that it was just a marketing gimmick, which would, imo, ulitmately cost Intel more than it's worth...

    You also got to remember that bot Intel & AMD releases roadmaps to the press quite often, which states when they'll release new parts, and often states (in a superficial way) what is changed in the new parts...

    This makes it very hard for either of them to do what you suggest... (Though they could just leak a "secret" roadmap unto the net, which at least some sites would take for real... )

    But it also comes down to business ethics, and what you suggest doing isn't listed under "Acceptable Behaviour for a Company".... Rather quite the opposite unless I miss my guess....

  3. tripleione

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    In the same sense, one could ask why Intel didn't call the Northwood the "Pentium 5" instead of just calling it a Pentium 4 with a Northwood core.

    I think Intel (and AMD) only change the names of their processors when a major architecture change occurs.

    Ultimately, it's just the companies decision on how they choose to name, produce, distribute, ect ect their products.
  4. Rick

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    Naming it P5 would probably mean that consumers would compare it to AMD's latest-generation CPU the Athlon 64, I imagine.

    And this would be hardly fair for Intel. ;)
  5. somekid007

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    Actually intel did it once imho. they named the procs with the crippled half speed cache on teh katmai core a PIII when rilli it was a PII with twice the cache. just a shame i was a n00b back then and sank 2 G notes on a rig with that proc
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