JVC camcorder, some one clever could answer this

By pcrepairs247
Dec 7, 2006
  1. Hi guys

    girlfriends mam has a JVC GR-DVL160EK digital cam corder, she has recorded somthing on tape and wants me to transfer it to pc, then burn to dvd.

    I installed pci fire wire, got the correct cable 6pin 4 pin, connect to camera, pc detects camera. everythign great so far.

    Now i want to transfer the recorded video over to the pc, but i cant access the files,(its not liek a drive, liek say when u out a memory stick in.) it shows teh camera in my computer, however when i click on it. it shows you what the camera can see at that moment in time, and you can capture the image.

    Cant access the files via windows movie maker. Dont have any software cd with the camera, and there is F$%K all on the JVC website( trust me i have searched for ages.)

    So now i am stuck, no help no were on web, I sell computers and i am willing to sell a pc to some one at trade price if they can solve my problem, or any one that is just willing to help.

    I dotn know why i come here as a last resort, as you guys are always the ones that give me the correct answer everytime.

    thanks for reading this post, and any feedback will be grateful

    GFX Computers
  2. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    A good place to start is www.videohelp.com, they have an entire forum on video capture and transfer. There should be plenty of free or trial software that will help.
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