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Feb 15, 2008
  1. So I decided to upgrade to KIS after much recommendation because of all the negative things Norton had as review. Everything seems to be going good. I went to Ebay to purchase an activation key for KIS and the seller said that it was only good for 1 cpu. Does that sound right, I thought it was good for at least 3 cpu. Any clarificaton would be nice, as I would like to install it on two other computers. Here is the link from where I made the purchase.

  2. tuant

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    I believe KIS keys costs a little more than $10. The person selling this might be using a key generator to generate these keys. Personally I don't trust what the person is advertising. Another thing to note is that the person did not state if this is a one year license or 1 day licens (not that there is one). Just be careful.....
  3. jdmnino

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    I've already installed KIS 7.0 onto my cpu, and when installation was done it did mention that the activation key was good until 02/15/09, but Im just not sure if I can put it on 3 cpu or just one.
  4. tuant

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    Depends if this is a one user license or multi user license. One user license means the key can only installed on one computer whereas a multi user license can be installed on multiple computers. I guess you can try and if so happens that the key gets blacklist, tell your seller that you were not able to activate the key and he/she should give you a new one. Again there is a 7 day limitation according to the seller's warranty.
  5. jdmnino

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    When I looked under installed keys, it shows my activation key and then next to it says "commerical for 3 computer" Does that mean I can install it onto 2 other computers as well?
  6. tuant

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    If that is what it says then yes you can. However I am very suspicious b/c I believe the seller may be using a key generator to generate these keys and may have sold the same key to two other individual. In any event, if it says 'Commercial for 3 computers' then it means you can install it onto three computers
  7. jobeard

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    buying software off eBay??? how could this possibly be reasonable?

    hum; then some folks by CDs from street vendors too :wave: :eek:
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