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By wackobird
Jun 15, 2008
  1. I'm trying to catch up on some housekeeping/security issues and I don't think I've ever looked for new drivers. When my pc was new, a program that came installed on it (BigFix) would check for updates, but I think it no longer works correctly so I removed it from startup. I've just recently installed a Novatel Wireless Ovation EV-DO Modem (Sprint USB type) and this is my first experience with anything beyond dialup.
    Should I periodically do a driver scan from that area here on TechSpot, and would that tell me which ones are outdated?
    I also need to make sure that my security level is adequate. I had used AVG for years but when I downloaded the new version (8), I was so disgusted with the speed and performance that I uninstalled it within a few days and I am now using Avira AntiVir Personal (free). I use Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.
    I ran the Belarc Advisor hoping it would head me in the right direction for security and driver issues, and it came up with all kinds of security problems. (My benchmark was 1.25 out of 10 yikes!) It also told me that I have Avira AND Norton 2005! I thought I dumped Norton when the subscription ran out! I need to do some cleanup, uninstall some games, and try to get the security level up. Is there a way to keep a copy of the initial Belarc Report so I have it for comparative value? Will it overwrite what is there when I run it again?
    Thank you in advance for any advice... I know there are several questions/issues involved.
  2. Route44

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    The rule about drivers is: "If ain't broke then don't fix." Seriously, if your system is stable and it does what you need it to do then leave it alone

    However, you are correct about updating your security and Anti-Vir free is good. I have heard a number of people are not pleased with AVG's version 8.

    As for Norton it is notorious for leaving remnants of itself behind even after an uninstall. Go to their website and find the utility they provide for a complete unistall. Even they know their uninstaller that comes with their products are less than effective.

    You do have a router, correct?
  3. Daproblemis

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    This is simple,but can be dicey. Multiple Antivirus programs tend to see each other as a virus. Solution is as follows:

    Uninstall every Antivirus program except norton. Restart. Then go to, search for Norton removal tool. DL and install it, then it will remove your 2005 Norton. Restart. Norton will be gone. Then install the Antivirus program of your choice. I reccomend TrendMicro, and you can get a free 30 day trial at Go to home and small business and only do the Antifirus and Spyware, I do not like the full package.

    If yu want , call my cell phone and I can login to your computer via Webex and you can watch.

    Cell # 1-863-445-0135

    hope this helps,
  4. wackobird

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    Thank you for quick replies!

    I do not have a router. I am using the broadband on my desktop pc since we don't want to pay the outrageous prices for satellite access and there is nothing else available in our area. I thought a router was used if multiple people used the same connection with a home network. We each have our own broadband USB, since we don't share computers.
    I remember Norton's utility tool, and I needed to use it once before when my version was still under subscription. I thought I had used it the last time, but I can certainly go get it again.
    I detest Norton and have no intention of using it again. It was a huge resource hog and I switched to AVG after it missed a few ugly things. AVG (8) reminded me of having Norton all over again, so I gave it the boot.
    I use the online versions of TrendMicro and Panda periodically. I do like Avira so far, but I've had to instruct it to quit picking on the Panda files that it finds while scanning. I was reading the instructions for Malware and Virus removal (and scared to death at the thought of having to download and run all of those programs prior to running HJT) and I noticed that the Avira AntiVir is not listed. Ugh. I won't go back to AVG. It's been quite a while since that was updated, so I'm hoping that Avira is acceptable. I read comments and reviews here on TechSpot before I chose it.
    I'm not comfortable with anyone logging on my computer at all.. hence, my concern about the security issues. I appreciate the offer though. One of the things that really spooked me is the netstat report I ran from the command prompt. I have the broadband (which created an icon in dialup and also one in high speed area of Network Connections) and I kept the dialup software we were using as backup since we still use the web-email and email addresses associated with it. The report came back with 27 lines reporting for TCP and 23 for UPD. Every line except 2 under TCP show a different IP address, and the two with the same states one is Established and one is Listening. The Status reports for the TCP lines showed 4 Time_Wait, 1 Close_Wait, 15 Established and 7 Listening. I have no idea what is considered normal but all those different IP addresses creeped me right out. The more I see, the less I know/understand about the broadband issues!
    Any comment on the Belarc report? I'd like to keep a copy of the initial report for reference.
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