Keyboard driver issues

By JesseM
Apr 1, 2007
  1. I have one of those "multimedia" keyboards with the extra buttons for opening e-mail, internet explorer, play, pause, volume, etc. I had the buttons working not long ago, but one day they just stopped. I looked at the "Uninstall Programs" list and there were two seperate programs that were controlling the keyboard: "Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Solution" and another called "One-touch multimedia keyboard". I wanted to keep "Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Solution" because that was the one from HP. When I tried uninstalling the second one the uninstaller froze. Now it won't let me uninstall it because the uninstaller is missing. Also, when I go to keyboard settings in the control panel both programs still show up, only the one I want won't allow me to configure the buttons and after about 10 seconds the keyboard settings window freezes.

    How can I remove "One-touch multimedia keyboard" from my computer?
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