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May 27, 2007
  1. I need to kill pc cillin on my computer . I have been a norton fan for a long time and know that system. and know that if pccillin is half as good as norton it has hidden files.can someone send me what it will take to remove step by step <> Thank You
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    Hi, how are you?
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    The total story of how pccillingot on my system!!!
    When i up graded from me to XP . I had a lot of problems getting a good
    a good install of xp . So I found a Geek to help with the install of XP.
    With out asking he just put pccillin on my computer Even tho there was a
    copie of norton 2006 system works < antivirus//utillities // goback//Checkit Diagnostics//system optimizer>. I have been a norton fan for over fifteen
    Years. Back in the days of cobalt//Fortram//8.5 inch Floppy//main frames
    that feeled a couple of thousand square feet room. Even before the
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    1. It is very foolish to put you email address in a public forum. You must like spam.
    2. use ccleaner (crap cleaner) to remove programs
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