Komplett Web mistake is "commercial suicide"

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Mar 21, 2002
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    Very, very painful....
  2. boeingfixer

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    So are they saying they indeed honored the price ? I think British Airways did the same thing with Concorde tickets selling them for $25. When they realized the mistake, they said "sorry" and caused such an uproar, they ended up honoring all the tix....its only fair.
  3. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    Not exactly. They cancelled the purchases but gave the buyers some discount on re-buying the same item. I'm sure there will be a lot of stuff going on....
  4. Arris

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    It depends on the price difference.
    If its 13 instead of 130 (which is an obvious error) then the company are less likely to honour the price or be forced to honour it by law (in the UK anyway). More and more of these errors are creeping up. Not that long ago Best Buy had pre-order for the GF4 Ti4600 at a price which was at least half the price. I don't think they honoured it as they sent out an email saying that all orders were cancelled sorry for the inconvenience. Also more recently I posted that Dabs.co.uk put the Xbox with a games bundle for £260 instead of £400, and they ended up honouring this price for the few people who had ordered it at that price.
  5. lokem

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    They didn't say how much the actual price is. Considering the fact that the mistake could and would take down the entire company (what they claimed) it is understandable that they do not honour the price.
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