LAN File sharing problem ( here's one for ya... )

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May 24, 2004
  1. here's one for ya...

    Ever heard of one-way browsing on your home network? It's happened to me, and after numerous posts on many forums, no one seems able to dx the problem or provide a workable solution. So if you think you can crack the code,'s the deal:

    Three PCs sharing DSL connection through DSL Broadband Router utilizing DHCP. One PC is a desktop running Win XP Home. One PC is a desktop running Win 98. One PC is a laptop running Win 98. The two desktops can view shared files on any of the other PCs and their shared files can be seen by any of the other PCs. The problem is in the laptop. Its shared files can be viewed by both the desktop PCs, but when the laptop tries to browse any shared file on either of the other two machines, I get a "unable to browse network" error from Windows, along with a plethora of suggestions for where to go to fix the problem. Well, been to all those place and done all those things, cigar. I've changed all the CAT-5 cables around and used all the router ports in different configurations for all the machines. The problem always stays with the laptop. I checked all the Network Properties settings by comparing the Win 98 Desktop PC with the Win 98 laptop PC, ...everything is identical. Checked workgroup naming and PC naming conventions, all OK. I just can't seem to figure out why the laptop is able to be seen by the other machines, but cannot browse shared files on any other machine. Oh yes, the laptop has no problems connecting to and browsing the Internet, only the Intranet gives the error.

    Well, sounds strange, eh? Any suggestions/solutions would be most welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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  2. Didou

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    Can you connect network drives on the laptop ?

    Any firewalls installed on the machines ?
  3. RealBlackStuff

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  4. poertner_1274

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    I'm with Didou, if you have any sort of firewall setup on any of the machines it could give you these problems.
  5. rebelyell

    rebelyell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks to all who replied. To Didou and Poert (sorry, can't remember handle and can't see the post from here), no there are no firewalls on any of the machines themselves, however the Router acts as a hardware firewall (filtering, logging, etc.) but the configuration mentioned has all worked in the past. (Now I really need to see the other post, well apologies in advance) To the other person who responded about Master settings, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. And yes, I can connect to all network drives on any machine from the two desktops (including copying, deleting, moving files), I just can't reach out from the laptop and see or connect with any other machine. Hope this gives you more needed info. I'll get busy on the suggestions. Thanks to all again...
  6. poertner_1274

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    A few things, you can see the posts after you hit 'Post Reply' simply by scrolling down, they will be in reverse order from the regular thread.

    Secondly can you access your computers by typing their individual ip's (ex. 192.168.0.x)?
    I have had problems with my network, and most of the time that is how I have to connect, and that is the only way I do it anymore, because it works everytime.
  7. asylum

    asylum TS Rookie

    See if you can ping other two computer from laptop and to laptop from other two computer.

    ICS is no problem...obvious because of the router.

    I am sure you have mistakely or unknownly denied the permission from other two comouter to laptop. Set the permission to NETWORK and all users. See if this help. If not post what the error says
  8. asylum

    asylum TS Rookie

    Router has nothing to do with file sharing unless you post your network configuration.

    Your INTRANET (prefer to say LAN), make sure you have installed microsoft file sharing in your NIC.
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