LAN remains connected but unable to open LAN pc until restart

By Parag Gupta
Oct 19, 2015
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  1. I have a network wherein I have only 3 desktop pcs. PC1 & PC3 has no issue in opening each other’s files/directories but my problem lies with PC 2. Occasionally, while working it happens that I am able to open files/directories of PC1 & PC3 by PC2 but not vice versa. This problem gets resolved on restarting PC2. I have updated Realtek drivers & using Windows 7 on PC 2 & PC3 but is using Windows XP on PC1.
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    You need the XP system firewall to enable sharing and NOT allow UPnP changes from programs on that system. In Services, disable UPnP Device Host.
  3. Parag Gupta

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    Respected Sir

    I think I was unable to explain problem properly in my earlier post. Now I have analysed and found that Say I have three desktop PCs. PC1 & PC2 are window 7 pcs although PC3 is window XP pc. I have shared drives in all three of them with everyone & has allowed all changes in security option. Although networking & sharing works fine but occasionally I am not able to open files on PC3 from PC1 & PC2, although vice versa is happening. Also there is no problem in PC1 & PC2.

    This problem gets resolved only when I restart my all three pcs & not just PC3.

    I have tried changing network cables & am using Avast Antivirus on PC3 & Bitdefender Antivirus on PC1 & PC2. The problem was not resolved even when I had switched off firewall. I am using DLink as modem router & UPnP is enabled in this router's settings.


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