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May 12, 2007
  1. Hello I just replaced the heat sink fan and cpu cooler in my dell latitude, I turned it on and nothing is happening. The battery light flashes and when I press the power button the light comes on and the three function lights,caps lock,num lock and scroll lock then it all goes of again without the screen showing any thing. Can any one suggest any thing........Thanks
  2. Blakhart

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    I would look into how well I installed the hsf assembly and the fan connector.
  3. raybay

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    What was the reason you installed a new heat sink and CPU fan? Sounds as if that Latitude doesn't like what you did. The Latitude will check voltages for CPU cooling and will not start if they are outside normal operating perameters.
    You need to calmly go through every thing involved in the changeover, including the labeling and specs for the CPU fan.
    Since you obviously had the computer disassembled, perhaps you inadvertently left some component uninstalled, unplugged, or too loosely plugged.
    I would go through every pin and cable, and remove then reseat everything you can reseat. By removing, then reseating, you reaffirm that the connection is the best it can be.
    Also, because Latitudes become brittle as they age, use a strong magnifying glass and bright light to assure you didn't crack anything or bend a pin.
    If you removed the CPU, look for bent pins there.
  4. tone

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    I replaced it due to it not going at start up. Before replacing it the computer would start but then freeze on the second splash screen(Win2000). Would have to leave for a while then it would do the same thing.
  5. tone

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    Hi guys me again, well I pulled the battery,hard drive,dvd and memory out and turned the lap on again. I got a white screen then it went off again, so I went back through every thing and reseted it power doesn't stay on long enough for me to test power on cpu fan. Starting to go nut's is there any thing else i can try. And thanks for your help so far
  6. raybay

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    It appears you may have a major failure... either a failed screen inverter, or bad hard drive... do you have a spare hard drive available to run an independent install... or another computer to test this drive?
    Laptop drives are less costly than ever with a 40 GB at 43.77, 60 GB 54.90, 80 GB $62, 120 GB @ $77... or the Seagate 40 GB with 5-year warrranty for $55.80 at ... with free shipping.
    Only other choices are bad memory module or bad CPU fan... despite the fact it is new.
    Otherwise, I stick with the above.
    You have not told us the model and configuration, but the Latitude is a tough and reliable model if not their least expensive model.
  7. tone

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    Testing hard drive

    Hi again just got hold of a unit that I can use to test the hard drive out of the lap top. I will let you no and post the specs of the lap to help you out with my problem.
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