Laptop freezes when coming out of sleep

By midnighttiger
Jan 31, 2010
  1. Ello ello, having some problems with sleep mode.. It used to work fine every time, I'd click sleep and it would sleep, I'd click the power button and on it would come. Then I tried to take it out of sleep mode one day and nothing happened, just a black screen, no pointer, nothing. Now it's happening every time.. It goes into sleep fine, fans turn off, the power light blinks as it does when it's asleep, and when you turn it on, the fans come back on, the power light comes back on, even the backlights for the keyboard come on but that's as far as it goes. The reason I assume it is freezing is because the caps/numlock butons don't work (I press them, but the lights don't go on/off). I've cleared all my event logs and recreated the problem, but nothing in ANY of the event logs give me an idea of what could be going wrong.. I've tried pressing ctrl+alt+del, shutting the lid/not shutting the lid, removing startup apps/processes etc. etc. I use the sleep function alot as I constantly walk away from the computer for about a half hour at a time, and I leave it on the couch which doesn't provide enough ventilation, so I just whack it into sleep. I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and then start it again.

    Running Windows 7 Home Premium x64, BIOS up to date, Graphics Card drivers up to date..

    Thanks in advance for any help ;)
  2. jasonryu89

    jasonryu89 TS Rookie


    hey there, i just bought the laptop within a week and i had face the same issues as well. tryied everything by uninstalled some other programs. or tried to play with the power settings and all. but still cant seems to solves the problem. need help
  3. Archean

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    Please start your own thread, so you can get appropriate response to your specific issue.

    What is the make/model/specifications of this notebook?

    Disable all power saving options and see whether that helps.
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