Laptop Hard Drive partitioning help

By Anonymooses
Dec 30, 2009
  1. I recently got a new hard drive (160gb) for an older laptop, to replace the dying 30gb drive it previously had

    I partitioned the new drive with two partitions, a system drive and a storage drive. Windows XP chose to install on the E drive, and the C drive was left blank. In order to correct this, since I thought it would confuse me, I decided to go into the registry, following a microsoft knowledge base article, and changed the drive letters. I changed C to E and E to C

    Now, windows boots properly, but when it gets to the welcome screen, no accounts are displayed, and instead, there is a windows XP logo in the center. I believe that this is due to the fact that windows didn't move the Documents and Settings folder to the new partition, when it moved the windows directory.

    I do not have a functional CD drive, so is there any way, using a floppy boot disk or other means, to access a command prompt window without accessing a windows account.

    **Safe mode doesn't work either***
  2. LookinAround

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    > You should only be changing drive letters using a partition manager
    > You can even just use Windows built-in Disk Management snap-in
    > See this MS KB to use Windows built-in Disk Management

    However, given your current state of things, i honestly think you're best of reformatting the whole drive and reinstalling Windows as it's not at all clear the state of your registry/accounts/drives/etc.

    I would reformat the entire disk as C:
    > Install XP onto C:
    > Then I'd use a good free partition manager (like EASUS Partition Manager) to resize C, create a D partition and then you can move what you want to it
  3. Anonymooses

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    Yeah, I guess I could do that. I just finished setting up all of my old files and programs, so I would like to somehow avoid reformatting

    Thanks for the feedback, though
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