Laptop is running very hot

By Kf21291
May 11, 2010
  1. Well, i have this HP Pavilion tx1000z and it runs really hot. I already had it fixed once having problems of not being able to display any video.
    It has been a little over a year after getting it fixed and this laptop always runs hot and my temperatures are very high and the fan seems to always be blowing hard.
    I know theirs issues with this model of nVidia chipset and i just want to know if i should be concerned about my laptop going to fail if it keeps it running very hot.
    GPU 101C (@ 2hrs up time) this is when it idles and goes up to 120C when used or not cooled well
    Core 68 C (@ 2hrs up times) this gets higher about 80C

    I have a AMD Athlon turion x2 TL60
    - Gforce go 6150
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    ON the bottom: Where is the hottest point? Near the HDD or CPU?

    My HP/Compaq with the AMD CPU does this always the FAN that comes with it's alway trying to keep the system cool. A few years back I had purchased ANTEC dual turbo FAN with Aluminun base cooler to help draw the heat alway from the bottom and the dual turbo Fans set to the highest settings to cool the unit off. It does work very well. It has to be on always though. That darn blue amber light is so bright. Anyway this is the only way to fix issues like this. It's USB powered. If you get a USB to AC connector plug you can power off the cooling pad via an AC power outlet instead of draining your laptop batteries of tying up USB ports.
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    Laptops will run hotter when the air intake for the fan gets clogged with dust.
    I find that I need to clean the laptop fan and air intake every year, or it starts to overheat, as the intake becomes more clogged.
    The symptoms of overheating are: an area on the bottom of the case becomes hot, the fan runs constantly and eventually, as the dust blockage worsens, the laptop will shut itself off.
    To answer your other question: Yes, you do need to be concerned about it damaging components due to overheating.
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