Laptop keys stopped working and now I can use BIOS

Hi I have a HP Laptop it’s but with newish software running vista. Its all been working fine form about a year or so. The other day some of the keys stopped working, I have not dropped it or spilled anything on it. I turned it and when I tried to go back in to it, it came up with the black BIOS screen. However as the keys were not working it would not let me select anything (i.e safe mode) it times down to open in the already highlighted section which was rum window as normal (or something like that) it then gave a blue screen and said it was doing a crash dump. After this it went back to the black BIOS screen and repeated the whole thing. Its stuck in some sort of loop. I don’t have any disks to reinstall what can I do???


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I'm going to have your thread moved to a more appropriate hardware forum. Consider the possibility tat the keyboard may be defective and you may have to replace it. That is no problem- I just replaced mine.

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Sounds like a hardware problem, try pulling the plastic sheet covering the power button, most of them have a bit to put a philips under it and wedge it off, then undo any screws keeping your keyboard down (some laptops have a deep screen through the back that keeps the keyboard in place) then make sure the keyboard is connected properly, you will see what i mean when its open, just be very careful and make sure you take the battery out.

Heres a guide i just found :

if its under warrenty dont do that, just ring your warrenty providor.

Best of luck!