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Sep 4, 2008
  1. My Laptop just recently started over heating and I would like to know if there was any way of fixing this problem since I know this particular model isn't known for overheating, I have two computers of these and I got them at the same time so I know one computer got somehow messed up, anyway the computers model are the HP compaq 6515b, they both have the same ram,CPU, and everything else and I have read into whether these models get overheated later on and there wasn't any problems about overheating. My drivers are all up to date and it is a serious problem because it gets to the point where even the USB ports at the side get heated up(left only). I know that there are better fan upgrades and even laptop coolers but this laptop in general isn't supposed to overheat so I would want help before I buy a new laptop or any new fans.

    I have spilled water on the laptop around 3-4 times but it wasn't alot of water and there weren't any problems with noise or shutdowns.The laptop hasn't shutdown or restarted yet but it is very annoying since I can't put it in may lap another so it might as well be a desktop.
    I download speedfan and got these tempuratures which got me worried since I can't pop laptops into existence.
    Local Temp 49C checkmark icon
    Remote temp 55C fire icon
    Temp 1 55C fire icon
    Core 51C fire icon

    Is there any way of fixing this my other laptop of the same model doesn't do this and I got them both at the same time with the same specs not to mention use them frequently. the adapter I use for charging it is a 3rd party adapter though unlike my other laptop the charger is original and hasn't had any spills. So would it be possible I 'am using the wrong adapter or could it have been the couple of spills.(but there aren't any noises with the laptop)

    Any help would be appreciated
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    It is NOT uncommon for laptops to overheat because of dust and other debris collecting in the cooling ducts, fans and internal cooling fins over time. It is also common for the cooling fan(s) to fail or become slower than normal...

    You may have to open up the laptop to get to all these assemblies and clean them. You would also be surprised how a little water can corrode internal parts including fans that are directly underneath the keyboard
  3. X DarthMonkey X

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    Like Tmagic said, dust and corrosion are the culprits behind the vast majority of mobile computer heat issues.

    First, just in case, make sure that the CPU fan is turning without any problems (No loud griding/buzzing noise, etc...). And make sure you can feel warm air coming out the back/side of your computer. (I'm not sure where it ejects on that specific model, but I think it's the left side near the screen hinges)

    Also, go to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Fry's, or almost any other major retailer, and pick yourself up a can or two of computer duster (a "can of air"). To start with that, blow it into the vents of your laptop and onto the fan, use different angles to make sure you reach all of the dust which is potentially clogging your cooling system.

    It's usually best to avoid having to clean internal parts, but sometimes unavoidable. With laptops, I like to try the "safe" way first.
  4. joytime360

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    Good post here, but can we do that ourslves at home, will that do harm to the laptop?
  5. X DarthMonkey X

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    Opening it up can potentially harm it, which is why I recommended just grabbing a can of computer duster. It's cheap ($5-10 a bottle) and fairly effective, and virtually harmless (alas, nothing is PERFECT)

    But yeah, I don't see how it could cause any harm, this is what it's made for.
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