Laptop Problem

Faisal 1122

TS Rookie
I have asus x540up core i5 7th Gen laptop ..I am facing the problem . some time while running on battery suddenly my laptop shut down randomly and I start again it gets start. . I visit to the reparier he said that the paste of the processor is dry.. he applied the paste later now I am facing the huge proglem ..laptop battery charging did not cross the 76% and when I unplug the charger laptop shutdown totaally not even took start up ..What should I do now ? is the battery completely damaged or board of the laptop is creating problem .Plzzzzzzz help me


TS Evangelist
Only way to know for sure is replace the battery first also get a new ac adapter if you can afford it.

If it still fails to not charge, the problem will be related to the dc jack of the laptop.
Call Asus technicial support Tier 3 technicians and see what they suggest.