Laptop screen went red and then went back normal? :s why?

By .chris
Jun 23, 2013
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  1. ok so last night (well early morning hours) my laptop started playing up (sony vaio) its screen went red while I was using it then it went back normal then about an hour later it went red again but this time it didn't go so shut down my laptop and started it up again but it was still red but this time there was so lines on the screen so I just turned off my laptop and went to sleep (3am) I was planning on telling my mum in the morning (without her killing me) so that she would take it into pc world and get it fixed but now I woke up (7.30am) and I turned on my laptop (I was praying at the same time lol) and bam it starts normal no red screen everything is fine I was thinking should I still take it into pc world and have them take a look or should I leave it? and also why did this happen? :s
  2. Darth Shiv

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    I've had my desktop PC screen go red with a new AMD graphics card. In that case, it was a driver update and it was ok.

    Maybe worth a shot...

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